Thursday, July 31, 2008

Point Defiance Zoo Trip

Well, when Mark and I moved here we decided that we were going to try something new or explore somewhere new each weekend, so that when we leave here we can say "We saw it all." So, last weekend we saw Mamma Mia on Friday, and it was fantastic. Lots of singing and dancing and fun. So, for our new exploratory outing on Sunday, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo, near Tacoma.

The zoo was quite fun. It wasn't too big, so it only took about 1 hour to see all the animals. They had a nice aquarium, monkeys, and the highlight of the zoo....beluga whales! They were putting on a show as we walked by, so we got to see them performing tricks. No zebras, tigers, elephants, rhinos, etc...but all in all a fun little outing.

After the zoo, we were quite hungry, so we decided to try out a cute little antique sandwich shop. We debated between Subway or trying something new. We figured they probably had something very tasty. We should have known better...the sign on the building said "War isn't the answer", and the workers were all hippie/emo. Enough said. The sandwiches had a mound of sprouts on them...not bad, because they can be removed. The kicker was the tea that tasted like shampoo. It was probably something very healthy/hippie-ish...and was all in all disgusting. We asked for sweet n low to help it out...again...we should have known! All they had was natural fiber for sweetening tea, no sweet n low! So the tea went from bad to worse. Next time we will be sticking to Subway.

Next weekend's adventure is a Seattle Mariners game...should be a blast!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurry up and wait...and get briefed.

Well, we have been here in WA for about 3 weeks and not much has changed since arriving. Well, the temperature has dropped significantly...hence it is now in the 50's!!!! Wow, not like any summer I remember. Anyway, I still have no car and no job and Mark has no idea what company or when he will be taking over. Does anyone get in a hurry about anything these days? On the other hand, maybe I just need to take it slower and enjoy the ride?!

So, I attending my first Army Brief on Tuesday. This briefing came about because I was trying to get assistance with finding a job and getting money to pay for me to go back to school. So, off I go to Army land, latte in hand, being brave...and I waltz into the ACS (Army Community Service) office. I have, in fact, arrived at the correct location. I politely informed the woman behind the desk that I was there to see someone in the Employment Readiness Program. She replies with "Have you attended the briefing?". Well, no I hadn't attended any such event, so she gave me the flyer with the times of these said briefings. Day 2...Rearrive at this same office...same lady...and she directs me to the "briefing room". Brief: Man hands me folder with form to fill out, list of websites (career builder, monster, etc.), says he has a meeting, and that is the end of the briefing!!!! Are you kidding me? I have been on career builder, monster, yahoo jobs, etc. for the last 3 weeks! So, if I ran the world and the army...and the ACS office...I would simply lay a list of these websites on the desk and hand them to people that come in instead of wasting their time with a pointless briefing (or not so informative session).

Good news...apparently my trailblazer will be here today or tomorrow. I never thought I would be so excited to see big green! We shall see! I'll keep you all posted.

The desk inspector came to check out our broken desk yesterday. She was pretty much appalled by the lack of care by the movers, and confirmed that the desk is toast. She said to just wait for the claim check to come and then go buy a new one. So for now...and probably the next 3 months or so..I will continue to use a storage tote as a desk. Awesome!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here is Daisy....

More house pics

dining room
top of stairs
more kitchen

Home Sweet Home

Office...missing the desk
Downstairs bath
Living room/entry way
Living room
Another view
Our house is shaping up quite nicely. Here are a few pics. We haven't finished everything quite yet. Please ignore the storage tote as a desk...again...the movers broke it!!! The guest room will soon be turning into a Texas room as soon as I finish the pillows to match the beautiful quilt my Granny hand stitched. We are in the market for a framed TX flag and all things TX. We can't wait to have guests. It is so beautiful here! :)

Garden Update

We have a rose!

You can take us out of TX...but you can't take TX out of us!

This past Friday we got a group together to go see Pat Green in Seattle. We were shocked to find out that he would be playing downtown in a small bar for only $25...brings back memories from my days spent in Lubbock. It definitely brought us a little taste of home and we had a blast.

Saturday was Mark's 29th Birthday! We started off the morning with Mark's favorite blueberry pancakes. This was my first ever attempt...and I must say...they turned out great. Well, that is what Mark said. I am not a fan of blueberries. Next...I made some homemade banana pudding...also one of Mark's favorites. Personally, I think it is a crime to choose pudding over a cake...but it wasn't my day. Making pudding without a pot is quite a task. (Side note: Our belongings arrived...they lost all of my pots and pans! and broke our awesome desk! :( ) It started out a little runny, but I thickened it right up and it turned out amazing as well. I must the last few months, I have become quite domestic. We spent most of the afternoon trying to get our new home fixed up. The movers unpacked our stuff, but just left it all over the floor. Saturday night I surprised Mark with a dinner at an amazing restaurant in Tacoma, El Gaucho. We finished off the night with bananas foster! I think he had a pretty good birthday.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walmart pull out chairs and an Air Mattress

Such is the life of an Army wife! :) We have been here in WA for almost 2 weeks....still no house hold goods (HHG) and still no trailblazer. Talk about a disaster! The movers have pushed our date back 5 times now and not once have they contacted the latest time is between 8-10 AM tomorrow...let's hope that is the real delivery time. I have enjoyed having a rather large, empty living room to do ondemand exercise shows and 8 minute abs. So..about the trailblazer...we booked the shipment on May 13 to have it moved June 20....and still no car! Actually...they (Jayhawk Auto Transport) never even found a carrier to ship to square one. We have a new company to move it. We shall see how this one goes. part...they aren't giving us our deposit back!!!!

We did have lunch today at our favorite local restaurant, Farellis! It is a little pizza/salad/bar that is really delicious and fun. We met some friends that moved here from Benning with us; Derek, Aaron & Allison. It was great fun to visit and discuss our new surroundings.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daisy's new do

Daisy went to the groomer today to get her first big girl hair cut. Her hair was out of control! Check out her new do....I think she likes it. :)

Daisy can sit....and stay...and come.


Planting flowers, but not getting dirt on my hands! :)

Last week we ventured out to the garden section at the PX, and I learned how to plant flowers. I made sure I was well equipped with a shovel, some other tools, and most importantly...GLOVES! We planted 3 rose bushes and lots of petunias. We had alot of fun and now our yard looks just as great as our neighbors.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We made it to WA

After 32 hours of driving across 12 states, we finally made it! We are living in Dupont, WA. It is somewhat like Pleasantville...all the yards are nicely manicured and there are sidewalks and parks everywhere. We have a view of Mt. Rainier, the golf course behind us, Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains. The weather is sunny with a high in the high 70's. It has rained a few times, but not for long and not hard. We don't have A/C, so we keep our windows open alot. Daisy is loving it here. She loves her yard and really likes going for walks.