Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything's coming up DAISIES!

Who would have thought?? 2 Daisies...although one little and one big...both adorable! The golden retriever is my friend Leah's dog...she brought her over for a walk and a play date. They were so funny playing together. I should have taken video to put on here, but I only have still pictures. Hopefully they will make you smile!

Here are the tasty morsels I made for my Bible Study group! They had sparkles on them too, but you can't see them.

Check out my new $4.00 curtains! I was very proud of this find, because I was really tired of looking at the unfinished looking windows, but I was too cheap to buy any.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home is where the Army sends you...

Over the past few weeks, we have collected some new wall decor. The Stryker flag has a really cool story. There is a couple that lives here locally and they collect old cedar wood that is over 1,000 years old and they hand carve and paint each flag!!! I think it is absolutely beautiful! So beautiful that I went to the PX every Monday for 8 weeks waiting for them to set up their booth. They are only there a few times a year and I didn't have their contact info and I had only seen them one time, so I just had to keep checking back. The moral of this story is...If you see something you must it then...otherwise you could be shopping for the same item for 8 more weeks.

The other addition is this beautiful Pemberton sign. I love it...and we can add on if/when we move to another post...pretty cool huh?

*For all of you that have been wondering what OSC is Officer's Spouses Club. It is a social/service club on post for spouses to meet, mingle and volunteer in the community.

I haven't had any time to post this week, you know...because of all of my jobs!!! So, last weekend I went to dinner with some new friends from OSC. We went to one of my most favorite restaurants...Katie Downs(In Tacoma, on the water). It was a gorgeous night, but it had rained earlier in the day. We decided to sit out on the patio. Well...I sat down in what I first thought was water and soaked my rear end. After brushing it off with my hand...I discovered, it wasn't was BLEACH!!!! Straight bleach!!! Mind you...I wasn't wearing my sweat pants or painting clothes...I was wearing Citizen Jeans. (These jeans are quite pricey...I only buy them once in a blue moon, and these happened to be a birthday gift from last year) Needless to say, within the next 5 minutes my bottom was totally white, as well as my panties and probably my butt would have been as well if it wasn't already white as snow. The manager was very sympathetic and felt bad for ruining my jeans. They agreed to buy me a new pair, so today I went back up there to collect my check and buy a new pair. Oh well, those were getting old anyway. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daisy "Beast"

I took Daisy over to the Park's house last night for a play date with Bella, the pit/boxer. You would think sweet little Daisy would have been extremely frightened, but if you look at the pictures you can see...clearly, that is not the case! Once she wore Bella out, she moved on to tormenting the cats. They would run away and hide and Daisy would stalk them. It was just as entertaining as the movie that Allison and I watched.

We watched Made of Honor, with Patrick Dempsey. I really liked it. It was a predictable, chick favorite kind!!!

Today, I went to Church, the commisary and then home to work on OSC stuff. About 20 minutes ago, I got the urge to mow. I have had several people offer their kids to help me with this task, but nobody has shown up to actually mow. So, I think I overprimed it or something. I pushed the red button about 9 times and to my luck even getting the thing started. I decided to let it rest for a few minutes and now...low and is raining. So much for that idea.

Go Cowboys! I think I am going to go make a snack and watch the game.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where did Summer go?

I think Summer has come and gone for 2008. The current forecast is 55 with sprinkles. That is right…sprinkles! Not rain, or clouds, but sprinkles. In my opinion this is the worst. I would prefer a down pour and then sun, or just clouds…but not mist that lasts all day. I think I associate the weather with what I should be doing. Sunny=up and about, being outside, running errands, laying on a beach…etc. Sprinkles=sleeping in, watching movies in PJ’s…you get the idea. So, I think I am in for a long fall/winter here in the rainy/sprinkly Northwest.

I am almost halfway done with this “deployment”. It isn’t necessarily going by fast, but it isn’t going by slow either. I have managed to get something on my schedule almost every day…sometimes 2 or more activities. I got the most adorable calendar from Starbucks to help me keep up with my newly found busy schedule. Let me fill you in on this week’s activities:

Tuesday: OSC Super Sign up. This was a lot of fun and very successful! We signed up 129 people. Now..I have the task of putting them in a spreadsheet and having a directory made. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a phone directory…I am gladly taking suggestions. After that, I went to Bible Study…as usual; lots of fun and great fellowship!
Wednesday: Taught dance
Thursday: Dessert and a great message at Sharon’s house with Nav Girls
Friday : Dinner with new OSC friends in Tacoma
Saturday: Much needed hair trimming and movie with my co-worker, Christa
Sunday: Church and maybe some house cleaning/cake planning

Thanks for all the prayers for my Granny, who is battling brain cancer. She has been moved to a rehab center in New Braunfels. Please continue praying, because it is going to be an uphill road.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A letter to my human dad

This is a letter that Daisy wrote Mark. We both miss him a lot!!!

Dear Daddy,
I really miss you! I miss when you tie your boots...and I jump all over your legs and hands. I miss when you take me out to potty early in the AM...Mommy isn't as nice about it. I miss licking your just tastes so yummy. I miss doing tricks....I've practiced a little, but I just can't get them all just right without you. I miss when you come home and love on me...and especially when you hide Dottie. I have become quite the investigator...I always find her now. Mommy got me a new leash. It has cows on it and isn't very long. Well, Dad...I miss you alot, but when you get home...I am going to lick your face right off and probably tinkle on the carpet. Please don't get mad!!! I love you!
Daisy Doodle

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Alisha's" Law

If anything can go wrong, it will...

So, my Saturday morning was going to be ultra productive...laundry, cleaning, trash...etc. I gathered all the trash from around the house and headed outside to put it in the big trashcans in the garage. Well, the garage door was locked so I turned about to get my keys from inside and...that door was locked too!!!! Minor detail: I am in Christmas PJ's, barefoot, hair a mess and no makeup! So now, Daisy and I are in the backyard with only a fork and a bbq fipper and I had to figure out a way to get back in. The first logical solution was to call the landlord to get another key...problem: no cell phone. No problem...I could just go to the neighbors house and borrow their phone. problem: Neither neighbor was home! So...back to the backyard where I shed a few tears and ponder breaking the glass to crawl back in. I pried the screen off but the double pane window was locked, so it really didn't help. Then I tried using the fork to unlock the door...also didn't work. I remembered I met a girl a few weeks ago who lives a few blocks off I go in my PJ's and no shoes with Daisy in my arms to a strangers house. I knock on the door...a guy answers...I ask if Lindsay lives there?...luckily I had the right house. They kindly let me and Daisy in and we start looking up numbers for a locksmith. I also left a message for my land lord. We walked back to my house and tried to break in with a screwdriver...did not work! One locksmith didn't service this said they would come and then called back and said they weren't coming?!? So...with one last attempt I called my land lord who just happened to be walking back in her door...and she came to my rescue. Whew! After an hour and a half...I am safely back in my house. I have learned my lesson! Also...I have learned that my house is very secure even I can't get in! Ok...happy Saturday to all of you. I am off to finish the laundry and take a much needed shower!

Bridal Shower Cake

This is a cake I just made for a bridal shower with a tropical theme.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

This weekend was an early birthday celebration for yours truly. My birthday is really a week away, but Mark is leaving for Germany tomorrow and sadly is going to miss the big occasion. So, to start off the celebration we went to the Melting Pot in Tacoma for my birthday dinner on Friday night. It was amazing!!! Let me recap our 4 courses of wonder...1. cheddar cheese fondue with assorted fruits, veggies and breads to dip 2. Ceasar salad 3. Main course consisting of filet Mignon, chicken, teriyaki steak, shrimp, mushrooms, and veggies...cooked in oil by us 4. Bananas foster, white chocolate fondue!!! I know your mouth is watering as I type! This was the best course by far!!!! So, after a 3 hour delicious meal we headed to the house to spend quality time with our doodle child, because she is going to really miss her daddy while he is away for a MONTH!!!

Yesterday we attended the famous Puyallup Fair. We heard this was the best fair in the world or something. It wasn't quite the state fair of Texas for the obvious big Ferris wheel and no Big Tex. Other than that, it had all the fabulous fair type things. We saw lots of interesting people, ate some greasy fair food, took our picture in the photo booth and looked at the exhibits. Speaking of the greasy food...Mark was extremely excited to see a sign for Longhorn BBQ. So one would assume Longhorn=Texas and Texas=Brisket Sandwich. NOT SO MUCH! When Mark asked for Brisket, the man said..."I have never heard of that!" Really??? So, Mark opted for the Beef BBQ sandwich, which turned out to be more like Sloppy Joes. I chose the usual, corn dog (not a Fletcher's state fair dog). It was OK, not spectacular. The highlight of the food was the world famous Fair Scone. You read right...a famous Scone. We decided if we were at the Famous Puyallup fair, we needed to eat the Famous Scone...this turned out to be a biscuit with butter and strawberry jelly. Oh well...when in Rome...

Last night after the fair we went to one of our favorite places nearby...Rustin Way in Tacoma. We sat on the patio of Katie Downs overlooking the water and enjoying great food and drinks. Aaron and Allison met up with us and we had a great time!

Today we have been doing yard work (Mark mowing, me watering flowers) and did a little shopping for a TV for upstairs. This will be my main source of entertainment while Mark is gone. So, about the yard work...what is a girl to do about the lawn while my husband is away??? Most would simply say "Just mow myself."...Problem: I have no idea how to start the thing! So...I guess I will be calling up the local lawn maintenance people to give me a hand. Well, back to laundry and packing Mark up and then a relaxing night of TV and playing with Daisy.