Monday, October 27, 2008

The Good Ole Days

This weekend we went home to Texas for Mark's 10 year High School Reunion from Southlake Carroll. The weekend was fast, but we managed to pack in lots of fun and lots of time with our families.

Friday we went to the Southlake game. Mark had a really great time talking about when they played football and all of the fun memories. I enjoyed visiting with Stacy while the boys talked. After the game we went to X's and O's, and then went home to get some rest for Saturday.

Saturday was pretty low key. We watched some Tech football in the morning and then went to Salt Grass for a delicious meal. I have yet to understand why WA doesn't have food nearly as great as TX food. I only got to eat Mexican once, but I will be sure to eat more when we are home for Christmas.

Saturday night was the official Reunion gathering. Drinks and snacks were provided, while all the old friends caught up on where life had taken them over the last decade. Mark was the only military guy and I looked over a few times to see him acting out military tactics. So cute! I spent the evening visiting with some of Mark's friends wives, who also didn't know anyone.

Yesterday we had Sunday lunch with the Berry's in Alvarado. As usual, it was lots of fun to see everyone and catch up on the latest happenings.

I'm sure the next 2 months will fly by and we will be back in Texas soaking up the love of friends and family again. I'm learning that you have to enjoy where you are in the moment and not wish to be other places, although I am hopeful we will move back to the "promise land" as soon as we can! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eyeball cake

Cake for a cake walk at a fall festival. Not very exciting.

TX comes to town!

This past weekend KK came to visit us in WA! She got in Friday night pretty late, so we just drove back and crashed. Saturday morning we watched Tech kick some Aggie butt and then we made a girl's trip to Southcenter for lunch and a movie. We watched Secret Life of Bees and it was so great! I read the book a few years ago and I loved it...and I loved the movie just as much! Go see it!!! Saturday night we went to celebrate Derek's birthday. After hanging out at his house in Tacoma, we went to dinner at some fancy pants place downtown. Mark had a $32 steak and KK and I split a $24 piece of halibut, which equaled 4 bites each. It was $3 per bite!!! After dinner, we went to some dive bar off some side street. Next time we go there I will remember to wear my plaid flannel shirt or my fleece vest....oh, wait...there won't be a next time. It was a very odd crowd. None the less, I hope Derek had a very Happy Birthday. Sunday, we took Keri to Seattle to see the fish market and walk along the water front. No disappointments here! The market never gets old. Sadly, KK had to go back to TX on Monday...but it sure was fun seeing her and catching up!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Today is the day....

So, as you can probably tell from the last couple of posts...(the morph and the yearbook pics)...I really haven't been so productive the last couple of days. is the day that changes, because Mark comes home tomorrow!!! Today has a long list of to do's...dust, sweep, mop, laundry, put cedar back in flower beds, vacuum, grocery store, shave legs...etc.

On a side note...don't you think Candace Cameron and I could be sisters? It is strange really. I could have been her understudy on Full House as DJ.

Anyway, I need some fresh ideas for meals to cook when Mark gets home. My meals while he has been gone have consisted of English Muffins, Lean Cuisines, and turkey sandwiches. I don't think I have turned on the stove once. I sat down to make my grocery list...I can't think of a darned thing to cook. Now, before you give any suggestions, let me remind you that I am a pretty picky eater, so if your suggestion has too many green ingredients, chances are likely that I will not eat it. Also, I am a big fan of the crock pot. I love that I can just toss a few things in it before I leave for work and voila! when I get home...Dinner is served!

Also, I have to get the OSC directory to the printer today. I need to finish getting all the new members loaded on my spreadsheet and then I need to just go have it made.

Over the past week, I have a new found love for fall. I don't know why I never really even noticed this season before. Maybe it has been more apparant to me, because there are actually lots of trees here, but everyday when I am driving down the street I am amazed by the beauty of my surroundings.

Well, I better get to my long list of chores, before the daylight passes me by. Afterall, my husband can't come home to an empty fridge, a stinky dog and a messy house! :)

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

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My First Wedding Cake

This is a cake I did for a girl and guy in my Bible Study group. The first picture is what I did and then she added the flowers and chocolates. I think everyone thought it looked and tasted pretty good. I can't wait to do more! It was a lot of fun.