Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deck the House

Yesterday we decorated our house for Christmas! I just love this time of year and I was especially excited for this year, because we actually have a house to decorate. We decided to go with gold and red for the main colors and accent the tree with our special ornaments as well. Also, all my Barbie ornaments are on their own tree upstairs. It looks equally as nice as the one downstairs.

1 Year and Counting

Last Monday, we celebrated one wonderful year of marriage. To celebrate... the morning started out with biscuits that I made with heart shapes, that evening, we ate our 1 year old cake, drank our Dom Perignon champagne, and watched our wedding video. The cake was...well, it was old. Mark thought it was delicious, so he ate my piece and his. I ate one bite and that was enough for me. The champagne was wonderful, but watching our video was the best part. All the memories of our wedding day came back. We laughed and I cried, and we both want to have our wedding day again. It was perfect!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random things of Fall...

Tonight I decided to make some lovely fallish cookies...I went in to my trusty cookie cutter stash, which equals 3 tubs. I was looking for a turkey and a fall leaf. There was not even skipped from Halloween type cutters to Christmas. So, I jumped in the car and headed to Michael's. I had seen a cute little pack of mini fall cutters that had leaves, acorns and turkeys. Of course I got there and ALL they had was tons of Christmas stuff. It was as if Thanksgiving and fall were just skipped over. Total bummer! I ended up going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a $16 set that did have a turkey along with about 30 Christmas cutters!

I stopped by Old Navy to find Christmas sweaters for our 1st annual Christmas picture. My husband and dog are super thrilled about this! Lucky for them...I didn't find ones that I deemed suitable.

My new favorite show is Jon and Kate plus 8. I am fascinated by how organized she is. I have about 12 episodes on my DVR to watch while Mark is at work.

My dog and husband are adorable! I love them both dearly! Speaking of my husband...he thinks I am crazy for hating to put gas in my car. I have requested that to be his unspoken "man duty"...much like taking out the trash. We will see how that goes. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Note from Daisy

While Mom and Dad were in Vegas…they sent me to Fido’s Farm. It was a real live farm, with barns and other animals. I got to run around and play with other little dogs in the mornings, take a break at lunch and then I went to doggie school in the afternoon. We worked on my manners a lot. My teachers said I am a busy body and I lose focus quickly because I am easily distracted. I did learn not to jump up for attention, but to wait patiently for someone to pick me up or pet me. I also learned how to wait to enter a room until invited, how to come when called, and a few other little things. Now that I am back home…all I want to do is sleep. I am so tired from all the learning and playing…and I miss my doggie friends a little. I hope I don’t have to go back soon, but if I do…it will be fun.

Viva Las Vegas

Can you believe it has been a year since we got married? Time flies! So, over this past weekend (Veteran's Day long weekend), we went to Vegas to celebrate one wonderful year of marriage. It was really nice for Mark to get away from his stressful job and for us to get away from the rain for a few days for some fun.

Vegas Review:
Bellagio Hotel: 4 Stars!!! It was amazing! Our room was really nice, nothing too fancy, but very spacious and pretty. In case you were too tired to get up and open the shades, there were handy buttons next to the bed that would open and close them. The bathroom was the best part...all marble, with a jacuzzi and a separate glass shower. The mini bar (that had lots of tempting snacks) was open but on a motion and weight sensor. So even if you touched the snacks that were staring at got charged. I didn't look at all the prices, but a Diet Coke (in a can) cost $4.00...Robbery!!! We heard the Bellagio had the best buffet, so we gave it a try on our first day. It was really great! There were so many different options...and the best part was the dessert.

"O": 4 Stars!!! Loved it! I don't even have any words that are fitting to describe this show. The performers have incredible strength and flexibility and I could have watched it for hours and hours. This was the only show we got to see, but I don't think there is one that is better.

Fountains at Bellagio: We spent one evening watching the water show for about 2 hours. It is mesmerizing and relaxing to watch. I have no idea how it works, but I love it.

Wax Museum: It amazes me how lifelike the wax sculptures are! We had fun taking pictures with celebrities. It was a good day time activity for budget travelers. Also, they had a great military discount.

Shopping: Caesars Palace has the fanciest shops ever! Most stores I had never heard of, but it was fun to look. We stopped for Gelato while shopping, got to the checkout counter, which is nowhere near where you order the Gelato (with no signs about price) ...I assumed it was about $5/cup.....Boy, was I wrong!!!! It was $17.00 for a tiny cup of Gelato! We savored every last bite, but not worth the money.

Venetian has fancy shopping as well, but not as fancy as Caesars. The Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood has normal people shopping.

ESPN Zone: This is where we watched the Red Raiders beat OSU. We actually ended up sitting next to people from Lubbock, so it made the game extra fun!

Gambling: Fun to win...not so fun to lose. We played a little on the slot machines...never won...and then moved to Blackjack. We didn't win, but we expected that when we went. We set aside our fun money and didn't feel bad about it. It made me sick to watch people throw away thousands of dollars on one hand.

High Point of Trip: Watching "O"!

Low Point of Trip: Hiking 3 miles to a Mexican Restaurant. The menu was fu-fu food for a high price. We decided to call 411 to find out if there was an On the Border in Las Vegas. Turns out there was...the lady said it wasn't far from the strip and it would be fine to take a cab....bad idea!!!! It was a $60 cab ride one way!!!!! Most expensive On the Border meal ever!!!!

This was our first trip to not really "plan" each day. Normally we set an itinerary packed with activities, but this time we decided to go with the flow. I think if we did it again, we would do a little more research on where to eat and what to do...but overall, the trip was amazing!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night we dressed up as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo...and Daisy was a pumpkin. Trick or Treating was exhausting for little Daisy. She had to greet each child at the door...every time the door rang she would run and fly of the couch, get tangled in her pumpkin outfit, slide across the wood entry way and then wait at the door. She was exhausted! Tony and I went to Derek Zoolander's house and a couple of other places for grown up Halloween...more like Hookerween...some costumes are just disgusting! Tony's finger is healing up nicely...hopefully with my love and support the Cowboy's can start winning. :)