Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things of Fall

Football has started!!! This makes one person in my house especially happy. Don't worry...we have purchased ESPN game plan, so we are sure not to miss any of the games that are happening around the globe. If anyone needs to see any particular game, come on over. I am sure we will have it showing here! Go Tech and Auburn!

Today, we switched our decor from summer stuff to fall stuff. We made a trip to Michaels, Joanns and Pier one to accomplish this. It is so much fun decorating our own little house for each Holiday and season. Also, we cleaned out our garage for the most part. Well, not really "we" so much, but mostly Mark. He did a fantastic job, and I swept all the debris out. I might be the slowest sweeper ever, but that is another story. I am adjusting quite well to this whole homeowner(or renter) thing, except for the huge number of insects/arachnids that I kill daily!!!! Why are there spiders in my house??? Time to call the exterminator! Gotta run, but I will post pics later of the new decor! :)

Mt. Ranier

This is the view from the General's house on Fort Lewis!

Everything is bigger in Texas!

We found this donut at Pike Place!

Yellow Rose of Texas in our backyard!

Dawn in the Dishwasher...Oops!

So, my precious husband was loading the dishwasher after dinner not too long ago and I was upstairs doing something. All the sudden I heard "Honey...something is wrong with the dishwasher!!!!" I came downstairs and half of the kitchen was covered in bubbles. After we stopped laughing and figured out what happened Daisy decided she wanted to join in the fun!

Cupcakes on a Stick

I made these treats for a get together about a month ago. They were delicious! They are supposed to be cupcakes on a stick. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Pembertons come to town

This past weekend we had more visitors! We never get guests, but this month we got them 2 weeks in a row. No complaints here! We love having company. Mark’s parents got in town last Friday night, pretty late. We went home to Dupont drank coffee, visited and hit the hay for a big day on Saturday. Bill had one request…to see the Space Needle. Well, he got to see that and much more on our Ride the Ducks tour. It was so much fun!! It was a 90 minute tour on an amphibious vehicle. It was 60 minutes on land and 30 minutes on Lake Union. Our tour guide was really entertaining and we really learned a lot about the city. We saw some beautiful views from the water, the Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat, the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, and so much more. We also took them to Pike Place Fish Market, a must see , and ate at Kell’s Irish Restaurant. Saturday night was spent in Dupont at Farellis Pizza, followed by visiting and watching the Olympics/CNN. Olympics was my choice.  After church on Sunday, we gave them the grand tour of Fort Lewis, ate at the RAM, and headed back to the airport. It was a fast visit, but lots of fun.

The Goose has Landed (Mother Goose that is)

2 weeks ago my Mom came to visit. We had an absolutely great time! She got in on Friday night really late, so we just went home to catch some ZZZZZ’s to get ready for our whale watching adventure on Saturday. We drove to Anacortes (not to be confused by someone who fought at the Alamo) to pick up a ferry to go over to the San Juan Islands. The ferry ride was 1 hour and the sights were amazing! Once we got to the island, we hopped aboard the Odyssey and headed out to watch the whales. We saw transient Orca whales. They were so cool to watch and the people that worked on the boat taught us lots of interesting things. Apparently the lady that worked on the boat had only seen this type of whales 1 time ever, so it was a treat for us to see them. They are fast moving, mammal eating orcas, that are more difficult to track than the regular pods that they see in the area. It was a great experience and I recommend anyone who visits should go at least once.

On Sunday, we drove to Mt. Saint Helens . Not nearly as excited as we expected, but still interesting . We toured the visitors center, watched a video and went for a short hike around a lake that was formed by the explosion. The highlight of the day was eating a burger at Mile 19. We sat on the patio overlooking a river and it was pure beauty.

Monday and Tuesday were girl days. Mark had to go back to work, so mom and I shopped, ate and just had fun being together. Monday, we went to Pike Place Fish Market. We really did buy some fish and shrimp, took it home and cooked it. Pretty impressive, huh? It turned out delicious, and the experience was fun too. It was such a joy to have my mom here! I miss her so much! Also, Daisy loves her Noni!!! She got so spoiled. She was allowed to sleep in Noni’s bed and pretty much do whatever she wanted. I guess that is what grandma’s are for. 

Updates...long overdue

I know you all have been eagerly awaiting some updates from the Pacific Northwest. Since the last update, I have found not 1, but 2 jobs! I am no longer a stay at home mom for my fur child. She now stays home alone and either chews on bones or scatters shoes and pillows all around the house. My day job is working as an “office manager/assistant” at ABN Technologies in Dupont, WA. My commute is about 1.5 miles. It allows me to meet Mark at the house for lunch and also let my precious fur child out. I do a little accounting, HR, and some other office duties. My night job is a dance teacher! I am really excited to get this one going. I will be teaching one night a week at Center Stage Dance Studio in Lacey, WA. I’m teaching 2 jazz classes and a tap class. Life is still going great! We have gotten involved with the Navigators Ministry here at Fort Lewis and have met so many great people. I promise I will start updating more frequently, now that I am getting in to the swing of being a working woman again.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mariners Game in Seattle

Last night we went up to Seattle to watch the Mariners play the Orioles. It was lots of fun! The stadium was really beautiful. We met up with some friends before the game at a bar/grill called Pyramid Brewery and then walked over to the game. The stadium smells of a very garlicy aroma. They sell some fries called Rally Fries...aka "Garlic" Fries. Lots of garlic....infact, the garlic is still seeping out of Mark's pores and he only ate a few! Yikes...I hope nobody ever tries to pick up a girl after ingesting those potent fries. We had a really great time, even though the Mariners lost.

Today we had a great morning of Church and Olive Garden for lunch. Gotta love Sundays. Well, this afternoon we are going to just be hanging out around the house. I am going to continue to work on my sewing skills on my T-shirt quilt and then Mark is grilling out tonight. Yum!

Video of our Smart Fur Child

This proves that Daisy LOVES her house...and her treats! :)