Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making Plans....And other random things

First for the random things:
1. My fur child turned one last week! Can you believe it? She is just growing up so fast...We actually almost forgot her birthday, but at 11PM Mark said..."Isn't Daisy having a birthday soon?"....and I said "Oh my is TODAY!"..So we quickly started singing and Daisy got increasingly hyper as the song went on. If you ask me, I think she was excited it was her birthday. But I felt like a bad dog cake, no party hat, and no presents. Hopefully, with human children I won't be so forgetful.

2. Please pray for my dear Granny! She has been battling cancer for over a year now and just this week, broke her hip and is in the hospital.

3. Why is there no Sonic in WA? And why must they play Sonic commercials during my programs...seriously! I crave large diet cokes from Sonic. I have no idea why they are so much better than any other Diet Coke...but the Sonic people need to get one started here in Dupont. They could put the Jack in the Crack out of business fast!

Now for plans:

I am such a planner, but lately things just haven't been going my way. I guess they are going God's way...which is good enough for me. So, as of is the latest:
-Mark is still scheduled to go to his original "vacation" destination. Hint: Starts with an I...lots of get the idea.
-However it has been bumped up 2 weeks. This is OK...only if he gets to come home 2 weeks earlier. (Still would be gone 1 year, but 2 weeks sooner would be amazing!)
-We will be home in TX for a few days in July and then off to the Dominican Republic for some fun before Mark goes to the other "beach".
-I will be moving home to TX for the year while Mark is away...if anyone has any cool job ideas I am open to suggestions (Hey Kerm....have you secured me a job yet? :))

Alright...well, I have to cut this short....I have places to go!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holiday Updates...Way Overdue!

So...we have been back for almost 2 weeks from our awesome and eventful 2 week leave. I have been planning to upload pics and update this blog since we got home, but I am just now taking time to do it.

We narrowly escaped WA with all the snow on the ground. We flew out on the one day when it wasn't pouring down snow. We made it to Denver safely and got checked into our hotel after nearly 11 hours of total travel time. Daisy was really ready to get out of her travel bag! My mom and Trey met us in Denver that night and then the next morning we headed to the slopes. We only got to ski 2 1/2 days total, which is much less than we would have liked...but the weather didn't want to cooperate, along with illnesses and a lack of vehicles. The first 2 ski days were extremely cold...but so good! We just love being in the mountains and especially on the slopes. We are so blessed to have the opportunities that we have been given over the past year that we have been married and this was just one more great trip to add to the list. On the 3rd ski day...Trey got really sick with HAPE(High Altitude Pulmonary Edema)...basically his lungs were filling up with fluid and he could have died. After being on oxygen for about 30 hours, he was cleared and he and my mom headed back to TX. It was quite a scare!

The rest of our time in Colorado was spent relaxing in the cabin with Mark's family. Most of them drove up a few days before Christmas. Nana and Gaggie had driven 700 miles and on the last mile of the trip they slid off the road and wrecked their car. Another big scare!!! Luckily everyone was OK, but the car was not. We spent Christmas in the mountains and then we drove to TX to visit with my family.

Our time in TX went way to quickly, as it always does! We made a quick trip down to New Braunfels to visit with my granny and grandad. I think they were glad to see us, but it was just way too short. We enjoy soaking up any time we are able to spend with them.

We spent a couple more days in the metroplex and we got to see a few friends... and then my dad made his world famous ribs for us on New Years Day! Definitely the food highlight of the trip!!! We can't get enough BBQ or Mexican food when we go we both put on some lovely holiday pounds. I am getting back on track with Weight exciting!

Now, we are back in WA...loving all the rain and snow! Since we have been back, we haven't really done anything exciting. I started my new job and that is about it. We are already looking forward to summer leave and getting to see everyone, but for now it is back to the adventures in the great Northwest.