Monday, December 28, 2009

MHS Megaphone Cookies

These are some cookies I did over the weekend for Martin Cheerleaders for their Nationals Showoff.  They were sugar cookies with a modified royal icing and outlined with sugar crystals.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa, Have You Seen My Soldier??

This is a tribute video to my FAVORITE soldier.  Hopefully he will get to see this...Turn up the volume and enjoy!  Thanks for watching!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A glimpse into the life of the CPT

I ran across these pictures on someone's facebook.  They are way too great not to share.  I'm loving this first picture!  Can you imagine if you saw that little scenario here?  So..we have two children walking the donkey with two children riding it.  Do you think the parents are around?  And...please note that 2 of the kids are wearing ski bibs.  I'm not thinking they do much skiing over there.  I'm guessing you don't need a saddle to ride a just hop on and away you go.  Please note the smiles on the kid's faces...really cute!

This next picture is the CPT giving his intro speech to his new company.  I hope they were all paying close attention.  :)

Here...he is meeting with what appears to be some important people.  I have no idea who they are.  It is a cute pic though!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sneak Preview

Things I love about the new house:
-Laundry Room: It is amazing! It has a counter top where I can fold the laundry before it ever leaves the laundry room. It will never have to land on the couch or the bed. It also has great storage! I want to paint this room Tiffany Blue.
-The View: The view out the back windows is amazing...If there wasn't a glare from the window you might be able to see that there is a lake just past the tree line.
-The Master Closet: It is now my sewing room...get this! It has a window. I plan to set up my sewing machine in there on a desk. Heck...I might even put a TV in there. It is the new wife cave.

Things I don't really love:
-White walls everywhere!!!!! That will be changing...have no fear!
-Baseboards are vinyl....odd!
-Fireplace has no mantel...that will also be changing.

Project far:
-Paint walls
-Hang a mantel
-Sew curtains
-Create a command center in the kitchen with a blackboard calendar...possibly painted on the wall.

Army Lingo 101

I had a comment on my last blog asking me what happens if the commander has no wife. I'm guessing it was in reference to the flower giving tradition. Since most of my followers are not military I decided to write this informative little post. I am definitely no expert, but I am learning.

First off...if the commander doesn't have a wife...well, they don't get flowers. I think they just skip over that part.

What is FRG?
FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. It is a command sponsored organization of family members, volunteers, soldiers, and civilians belonging to unit that provides an avenue of support and assistance and a network of communications among families, the chain of command and community resources.

Why do I have to do FRG?
I do not HAVE TO DO it. It is pretty traditional that if the commander is married, she will take the responsibility of FRG. This isn't always the case. If the commander isn't married, he selects someone to fill this role.

What does an FRG leader do?
  • Supports the commander's family readiness goals
  • Provides overall leadership of the FRG
  • Recruits other volunteers to serve on FRG committees
  • Delegates FRG responsibilities to selected volunteers as committee chairpersons, or presides over their elections
  • Serves as a member of the battalion-level steering committee
  • Identifies needs or unique problems of unit families
  • Acts as unit FRG spokesperson for communicating family members' concerns and ideas to the unit commander and, if needed, the battalion-level FRG leader
What is a Change of Command?
This is the formal ceremony where the company is passed from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander. It symbolizes the continuity of authority of the company.

How many people are in a company?
I think there are around 150 in our company.

What does live on post mean?
On Post means that we live in government quarters on Fort Lewis.

What is the PX/Commissary?
The PX is the Post Exchange....basically Wal-Mart without groceries. It also has a food court. The commissary is the grocery store on post.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Change of Command

It is official! Last night was the Change of Command ceremony for Mark's new company. As a surprise to M. & R. the ceremony was skyped it while the ladies gathered together at the outgoing CO's house. It was AWESOME!!!!! I am always amazed by what technology has the capability to do...when it wants to cooperate. We gathered last night around 11PM Pacific time...we enjoyed coffee, cheesecake and good company. The first picture is M. giving his incoming speech. He sounded great and he is so excited. This is going to be an amazing ride!

It is tradition for the outgoing wife to receive red roses and the incoming to receive yellow. 1SG's wife presented them to us and this is where the guys got the surprise. They said "As a surprise to M and R, their wives are together watching this ceremony and will now receive the traditional roses. Pretty cool, huh?

After the ceremony, M. came over to the screen to tell me that he loves me and will call soon. He looks great...sounds great...and I don't think that smile is leaving his face for a while.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm on a plane!

Not even kidding!!!! I am on Wi Fi on a the air...headed to Seattle. Crazy technology! So...I got on a full flight on standby...that is a first and now when I get there I am renting a car all by myself. All of these things are a first!

Tacky yet still Refined

This past Saturday was Shannon's annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. Check out those adorable shirts and bow we are wearing! Awesome! I wish you could really see mine closer, because from a distance you are missing out on the full beauty of the shirt. The sequin patches are tacked on and there are random spots of glitter glue all of the shirt. I had glitter all over my face by the end of the night and my car is covered in glitter. My adorable Nanny made this shirt...she looks pretty cute in it! It isn't tacky on her at all....I promise. So...Nanny...I know you read this blog and I love you and I also love your sweater! :) KK is sporting a sweater with Christmas cats on it. This is even funnier because if you know her at all you know that she is not a fan of cats. Please take note of Charlie...her gorgeous baby boy! He doesn't like cats either and disapproves of his mom's outfit. The cookies are handmade by KK!!!!! She made them from scratch and even made her own icing. Normally she makes them from a cookie mix and used canned icing.
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Changes Coming

Well, the only thing that stays the same with this Army change. I use to resist the change with fits, lots of whining and temper tantrums. When all of those things failed multiple times...i decided to embrace that change and might I say actually enjoy it. With every change there is another adventure. Yes...there is always at least one crisis and many hurdles...but as long as I expect that and know it will come...I will be OK. :)

So... on to the big changes. The big change of command is coming in 1 day! Can you believe it? We (specifically Mark) have been waiting for this moment since July 2008. One and a half years we are! So, this means for me that I will be the new Apache Co. FRG Leader. Holy moly! I think I have been waiting for this since July 2008 also. I went to the FRG leader classes at Ft. Benning and with my limited Army world knowledge I assumed that I would immediately fall into this role. Thank goodness I didn't at that time, because I knew a little more than nothing about Army, well...I know a little more.

After seeking wisdom from others who have been in our shoes and lots of prayer...Mark and I decided it would be best for me to take on this role while living back in Washington. It is just too much to do from a distance and I wouldn't ever really get to know all the other wonderful ladies...and this is a priority for both of us! Not only am I moving back to WA...I am moving ON POST! More on that in a moment... the morning I fly back to WA for the change of command (it is being Skyped in), signing for our house and attending the BN Christmas party. I'm really excited, but also a little nervous!!!! Hopefully, I can get some pictures from Mark after the ceremony for all of you to see. Don't hold your could be awhile. :)

Ok...of course with anything Army must be a little complicated. My grand plan was to go sign for the house tomorrow and then talk to the transportation people to have our household goods delivered mid-January, after Hilary's party and the holidays. Well, I guess the man upstairs had a different timeline for me. I talked to the transportation people yesterday and they informed me of a MANDATORY briefing that is only offered on Mondays at 1:00. Really???? One time/week. Well...that didn't really fit into my schedule seeing that the Monday I was planning to arrive was a Federal Holiday...and you guessed it! They are closed. A little reshuffling was done and all is good...we are now going a few weeks early and then flying back for Hilary's party. I must say...I have the best BFF in the world. KK would be making the long haul with me. So in the last 2 years, we have driven to both coasts together. That is a true friend for sure! After I attend this brief...they will set up my goods to be delivered and then I will fly back to WA at that time.

For the first few months it will be a little bit of back and forth between TX and Fort Lewis. As you all know there are some big events for the little bro coming up and I wouldn't miss them for the world. might take some added effort from me to fulfill my responsibilities and also be supportive for the people I love...but I am willing to make that effort! Not only am I willing...I am excited! Also...I am a little hopeful that this makes the rest of the deployment fly by. :) I better go pack my bags because tomorrow I am leaving on a jet plane!