Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I decided...

I want to be a runner. I want to be able to love going for a run and feel the feeling of a runner's high. Mostly when I currently run...I wouldn't so much call it a high that I feel...unless that is how you feel right before you think you might die of exhaustion! that might be a wee exaggeration, but for real...running is hard!

So...I decided today is the day that I should start training for a 1/2 Marathon...then I looked up the training plan, and I am not even qualified to start training! I had to take the remedial route and start by learning how to run 3 miles. So, today was day 1 and I ran 1.5 miles...not stopping even once. That would only be 11.5 miles left to go for that half marathon.

Not only am I training for this marathon...I have successfully talked KK into running with me. I figure we are at about the same level of physical fitness, and who better to have this experience with besides your best friend! I can picture us friends from childhood finishing first half marathon!!! That could be a cover shot for the newspaper.

Now...I have to find a race so I have a goal of when I am going to run this little thing. I am thinking somewhere like San Diego would be nice...because after all, I don't like it to be too hot or too cold when I am running outside. Also, I think I need some new, outfits, water bottles, and whatever else it is that a runner might need.