Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love in a box...or 2

Can I just tell you that war really stinks. Day after day I read that another soldier or 2 or 4 has been killed in either Afghanistan or Iraq and it just hits too close to home. I try to forget that my husband is in a war zone and pretend in my little imagination that he is just on a business trip...a very very long business trip! is hard to do that when it just seems like the wars are never going to end. My heart breaks for the families dealing with the loss of a husband or a dad or a son and I just continue to pray that the Lord will protect all of the men and women that are serving. :( Sad day!

Anyway...I really try to stay positive and focus only on the GOOD things. Good thing today: First 2 packages of love and goodies sent to Mark. It took 3 weeks to get an address, so I have been collecting items that I knew that he would be needing or wanting. I sent a comforter, sheets, pillow, coffee maker, coffee, creamer, sweet n low, pens, pencils, notepads, marker board, markers, chap stick...that is all I can remember...but there was more. 2 huge boxes and $50 in shipping= the little big I can contribute to Mark while he is in Iraq. It just never seems like enough. I really want to make sure he is comfy cozy and has all of the little creature comforts that he likes. Thankfully his FOB has sweet tea. That only will make him happy as a clam.

We tried to skype this morning, but it didn't work. :( I need to see his face! It makes me happy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trey's 18th Birthday Cake

All About Trey!

I got home today from all of my "To Do's" and checked the mail...there were my little baby brother's senior pics., he isn't really little, but he is my baby brother. When did he become a senior in high school? How did that happen? So I totally sound like an old lady right now, but seriously...I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He was my little baby doll!!! Now he is a senior!??! CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT. Anyhow, this boy is destined for greatness...I believe in him. My parents have definitely had their share of ups and downs with this boy, which is only to be expected since he did follow in a perfect sister's footsteps. Ha! I'm far from perfect, but you know...Hopefully this year will be full of UPs and not a lot of downs. I am glad that I get to be a part of all the excitement, even though I would rather have Mark here with me. I am writing this blog as I wait for his 18th birthday cake to come out of the oven, because tomorrow is his 18th birthday. He is still in Italy for the Youth Olympics in Reggio Emilia. My mom heard from him one time this entire week, so I guess he is doing good. I can't wait to hear all about it when he gets here tomorrow. Things I know...they went to Venice and they won the gold!!! Things I don't know...if he took pictures to show us. Below is a picture of him catching at an exhibition game in Italy against a semi-pro team of 25-30 year olds. This is the only game they lost, and it didn't even was just for fun.

I took this pic the night before he left in his awesome USA jersey! I am going to put it in a shadow box for him along with his medal.While he was frolicking around Italy, my mom and I were slaving away in the heat to paint the masterpiece below. That would be his Senior parking space. He painted the background and the outline of his initials before he left and my mom and I finished it. I'm not thinking it is totally done yet, because he wanted to add a Texas flag and maybe something else. I think it is pretty cool so far...hopefully he likes what we have done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love technology!

This morning is off to a most wonderful start!!!! Mark and I had a skype date set for 8:30 this morning. (Skype is a webcam/phone service that you can talk online) Of course I had to have on full makeup and somewhat fixed hair and then I began to wait...Because anything can happen and then he might not get to call because of reasons out of his control. But...not today!!!! He really called at the time he said and the webcam worked on both ends! Amazing! So yeah....good start to a Wednesday...hopefully more of that to come.

Maybe next time little Daisy will cooperate more. She didn't understand where his voice was coming from, so she ran around to the back of the computer. So cute, but such a little stinker.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Update

One weekend with Mark away down...only approx. 51 more to go! That is a lot! Maybe they will all shape up to be just as eventful as this one was. Friday night was super fun! Hanging out with KK and others for a get together and cookout. Fresh fish tacos and dove/jalapeno snacks=Delish! I wasn't quite sure about the little dove snacks, but they were so yummy...I couldn't stop at just one!

Saturday morning run went as well as I would have expected. We were hot, sweaty, and tired, but we did it! 6 miles down...KK is still faster, but it is ok....I will catch up. I need to remember my hat next time, because the sun was brutal. We started at Hoffbrau on University and ran west down the Trinity River 3 miles and then back to the car. Thankfully there is a Panera Bread right next to where we parked and we were able to grab some cinnamon bogels (Yes, bOgels, not bagels...they are little tiny bagel bites) and a strawberry smoothie to refuel. Saturday afternoon was spent doing errands with Mom and Trey for his Italy trip and then drove to Southlake to meet up with Kerm for Cheesecake Factory and a movie.

The Red Velvet did not disappoint. It was my third time to get it and I will be back for more! The movie was so so. We saw the "Time Travelers Wife." I haven't read the book, so I really didn't know what it was all about. I was highly confused most of the movie and I really didn't like the end very much. After the movie we made a mad dash to Charming Charlies for a quick little shopping trip. That store is AWESOME and I will be returning as soon as I earn some money to spend.

Today, I went to Alvarado for Mark's Dad's Birthday celebration. It was a good little visit and it was great to see Mark's family. Nana made some tasty cheesy spaghetti and I filled them in on the latest from Iraq. Good times!

Update from Mark: He is finally going to be taking a command of a company this November or December. Yea!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Shoes...Again

The little lines contained within the black rectangle in the photo above are the reason I must buy a new pair of shoes. Apparently, this means that the shoe is breaking down and will not support my foot properly on my runs. Since I obviously do not want to have an injury in the last months before my first race, I will be purchasing a shiny new pair of the exact same shoes. Unfortunately, the running store in Arlington doesn't carry this exact shoe, so I have called all the running stores in the area and I will be picking up the new pair tonight in preparation for our 6 mile run in the morning. Tomorrow will be my first run with my running buddy, KK, and she is already faster than, I don't need worn out shoes to slow me down even more! Check out the extra gear I just had to have when I stopped in the running store. This handy dandy water bottle attaches to your hand and the gum is supposed to quench your thirst. Between my shiny new kicks, my trusty water bottle and my magic gum...I should have a GREAT run!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keeping Busy Passes Time Quickly

Lunch yesterday with one of my old college roomies, Moorman (The name...not the religion), was really fun, but way too quick. I haven't seen her for at least a year and we had a great time chatting and catching up. We are already trying to plan a quick trip to San Antonio to see our 3rd Roomie from Ashton Pointe, Ginna. Can't wait!!!!

This weekend is already taking shape too. Friday night, I will be attending a cookout with KK, and Saturday I am meeting up with Kerm...BFF from college! So, fun times ahead. Not so much today though...still trying to get organized around here. I am surrounded by boxes at this point! I better get to work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I run

Will I ever get use to running in this climate? Holy moly!!!!! It isn't even that hot or sunny yet today...maybe 85 degrees? I'm trying to get back on my running schedule, because it has been severely out of whack over the last couple of weeks. So, KK has kindly agreed to repeat last weeks training plan so I can catch up and hopefully acclimate to a Texas summer. I had good intentions to head out running at 5:30 AM...Did Not Happen! I did go at 7:30 though and I am glad I did. It felt great to get back in to the swing of it, but I am still sweating nearly one hour and a shower later. Only 3 months left until the first race! 5 months of training down! I think it is almost time to treat myself to new shoes! :)

Other stuff: Going to lunch with my old college roomie and one of my besties for lunch!!!! So excited!!!! It has been way too long since we got together...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to TX

Well, 5 days and 2,600 miles later, I have arrived in Texas. Wow! What a super long trip, but it was quite a lovely trip. I already wrote a little and posted pictures, but left out most details due to my level of sleepiness. Here are a few of the highlights...Top Ten of the order in which they happened.

1. If you know me at all, you know that I never miss a meal...that might be why I always am a healthy, while traveling through Oregon my mom starting calling various restaurants to see what type of food they served. She called a "Bar and Grill" to see if it was a sports bar typish place...their response "This is a Mill Bar, we serve Blue Collar workers..." We didn't go there. Last I check we don't work in mills or wear blue collars.
2. Visiting with relatives in Northern California. It has been a lot of years since we have seen my Uncle and his family. It was a really good visit...we enjoyed some local Mexican food and checked out their paintball playing fields...pretty cool.
3. Golden Gate Bridge and the whirlwind San Fran excursion
4. Starbucks in Monterrey and a quick trip to Carmel by the Sea for a quick walk on the beach and a look at Pebble Beach.
5. Vineyards as far as the eye could see in California...oh, how I would loved to stop and try out the local wines! Drinking and road tripping??? Not advised so no stopping! :(
6. MOUNTAINS....I had no idea there were so many mountain ranges in this great country...let me assure you...we saw them ALL!!!!!
7. Another quick visit with loved ones in Palm Springs. I ate a rather tasty grilled cheese and we got some visiting time in and then a VERY quick sleep.
8. 16 hour drive in one day! What the heck????
9. Dancing man on the street in Midland.
10. Quick visit with friends from way back in Merkel. Shannon use to teach me dance and then I taught her daughter dance when they lived in Arlington. She is in 7th grade now!!! I feel old!

To keep the time passing on the trip, I read to my mom. It was role reversal, because she use to read to me as a little, now I got to read to her. Pretty fun! I read the last half of the Josh Hamilton story to her. I'm not even sure what the book was called, but it is touching. I pretty much cried at least once per chapter. Seriously! After we finished that, we immediately started reading The Shack. I had already read it once, but I thought my mom would like it. We didn't finish it yet. Hopefully she will finish it up, or maybe I can read her to sleep at night. :)

In other news...I am back in TX and it is really setting in that Mark is not here with me. I am sure you are all well aware that I miss him more than words can express! I actually try not to think about it, because my heart hurts so much, but when I do slow down I start to think, and then well...I get sad! Really sad! A piece of me is not here and it is hard! Okay...enough of my emotions spilling out for tonight. The nights are harder than the days, because that is when I miss him the most.

For the record...I love Pandora on my iPhone.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roadtrip America

Quick sleepy. Here are a few pics from the adventure so far. Yesterday we left WA, made it to Roseburg, OR. Woke up this morning...went to Corning, CA to visit Mom's brother, Lane. Good visit and then to San Francisco for a whirlwind dinner on Pier 39 and a quick trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. Getting some shut eye in Santa Cruz and then back on the road in the morning. We are having lots of fun...laughing, chatting, singing...more to come later. :)

I just love him!

Not much to post...just like the pic...I miss him!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Do you like it?????

So.....notice anything different?! I love my new blog layout! Thanks to Jen Gets Fancy for an amazing job...and she is so fast!!!! If you are in need of an update, she is your girl! Hope y'all like the new look as much as I do! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kenny Chesney in Seattle

This is our last weekend in WA for about a year, so last night we went to Seattle for the Kenny Chesney concert. It was so much FUN!!!! Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry and Sugarland were his openers and they were all GREAT! I LOVE Sugarland, but they played for the shortest amount of time. Apparently, she has been having vocal chord issues, but the songs they did sing were amazing! Kenny Chesney came on around 9 and played for just about 2 hours! Non-stop! He played lots of oldies but goodies and a few new songs. I understand why he has been entertainer of the year for 5 years...he is just that good!!! I posted a few pics from the concert, but we weren't sitting that close and I can't zoom very far with our little camera. Also, since the show was at Qwest Field...of course they were selling the evil garlic fries. And I mean EVIL!!! This things linger on your breath and skin for days! Normally Mark gets them and I complain of the stench, but last night I decided that if he was going to stink...I would join in on the stinkiness. Steer clear of us today...we seriously smell like a fresh bulb of garlic.