Monday, August 16, 2010

77 in 777 days!

The List:

For Me:
1.  Go to a photography workshop or seminar-Probably not going to happen.  :(  Too expensive!
2.  Buy a new camera lens and learn how to use it- - 50mm lens!  I love it!
3.  Finish a triathlon-Not happening this year!
4.  Learn to cook 10 new meals -Thanks to Pinterest...I've passed 10!
     - Beef Tips & Rice
     - Red Beans & Rice
     -Monkey Bread
     -Christmas Casserole
     -Potato Onion Soup
     -Steak au Poivre
5.  Try 6 new restaurants
     -Icon Grill
     -Metropolitan Grill
     -The Hub
     -Hard Eight BBQ
     -The Fish Market
     - Tons more around DC
6.  Buy an embroidery machine- Too expensive....maybe someday!
7.  Go to New York for Christmas-Might go for Thanksgiving this year!
8.  Cross stitch stockings for Mark and me-I've looked for kits and can't find any 2 years in a row. :(
9.  Go wine tasting in Napa-Planned a trip and it got cancelled.
10.  Go camping in a tent-Probably not happening.
11.  Build a snowman-Haven't seen enough snow.  
12.  Dance in the rain
13.  Complete a 365 day photo challenge(5/365)
14.  Buy an ice cream maker
15.  Build a sand castle
16.  Frame my college diploma Thanks to my Mom for an awesome Birthday gift!
17.  Finish my t-shirt quilt
18.  Take a girls trip- On the calendar for May!
19.  Send a post card from a vacation
20.  Watch 10 “classic” movies that I have never seen(0/10)
21.  Attend a concert
22.  Go to a state I’ve never been to before
23.  Attend a musical (A Christmas Carol)
24.  Go ice skating
25.  Overcome a fear
26.  Buy something off QVC
27.  Sell something online- Washer and Dryer
28.  Visit a museum
29.  Visit a Zoo
30.  Visit Forks, WA- I never got to go before we moved.  
31.  Run in 3 5K’s(0/3)
32.  Mail Christmas cards by December 5(2/2)
33.  No Diet coke for 30 days(30/30)
34.  Play Bunco

For My Mind:
35.  Read 1 book a month-Lost track, but probably getting close!
36.  Get a Master’s degree
37.  Go to the library

For My Soul:
38.  Go to church every week that it is possible
39.  Become a member of a church
40.  Read the entire Bible
41.  Have a prayer time daily
42.  Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
43.  Go on a mission trip
44.  Blog at least once a week(3/111)

For Others:
45.  Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
46.  Find a charity to volunteer for
47.  Make a meal for a friend who had a baby
48.  Send 5 cards just to say “I’m thinking about you”(3/5)
49.  Buy a book for a friend
50.  Buy dinner for a friend
51.  Donate 10,000 grains of rice on (200/10K)
52.  Take cookies to the neighbors for Christmas(1/2)
53.  Host a brunch

For My Wallet:
53.  Get debt free
54.  Save up enough to live for 6 months
55.  Start saving for a down payment on a house
56.  Start using coupons regularly

For My Family and Marriage:
57.  Have a baby
58.  Take a family vacation with my family
59.  Take a family vacation with Mark’s family
60.  Take dance lessons with Mark
61.  Visit a country that neither of us have been to (Canada)
62.  Go on a cruise- Maybe next year?
63.  Buy a house- Not happening until we get out of the Army.
64.  Visit the Grand Canyon
65.  Have family photos made
66.  Call my brother once a week
67.  See the Nutcracker at Christmas time-missed it.

For Our Home:
68.  Plant flowers
69.  Make the bed every day for a month
70.  Organize my craft supplies
71.  Buy flowers for the dining room table
72.  Clean out the closet
73.  Make a recipe book of our favorite recipes

74.  Post this list on my blog
75.  Blog about each item I complete
76.  Encourage someone else to make a list of goals
77.  Bake Red Velvet cupcakes from scratch

Goals in progress
Goals completed

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I don't have anything highly interesting to, we will just go with bullet points.
-BN fun day was Wednesday...Mark had to go in the dunk was entertaining!
-We bought our 4th iced tea maker since our wedding...we drink a lot of tea around here.  Luckily, they are only $20.
-I'm going back to school!!!!!
-It is super hot in our house with no A/C and 90 degrees outside.
-We leave for TX in 2 1/2 days!  So excited!!!!!
That's all for now...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Low Key Weekend

The weekend started early on Friday with another Army homecoming.  My sweet neighbor, who is also a Texan...and an Aggie (but I don't hold that against her)...finally got to welcome home her husband.  She has been at each homecoming all summer to support all the other girls, but it was finally her turn.  She looked precious and was so incredibly happy to have Tom home.

Friday evening we had a BN Hail and Farewell.  Not to eventful, but good to see some of my Army wife friends.  Yesterday, we got the itch to finish painting the office.  Only one wall was painted green, as an accent wall...but we painted 2 more walls, so now the white wall is the accent wall.  It looks really warm and cozy now!  Pictures will come later once everything is hung on the walls after our trip back to TX.  

Last night, we rented Shutter Island...very interesting...and definitely makes you go hmmmmm.  We have still been talking about it all day today and thinking we should watch it again to see the parts that we may have missed.  

Today we had a lovely morning at church, BBQ for lunch and an afternoon of watching Toy Story 3 and then dessert and coffee at our neighbors house.  The movie was A-DOR-ABLE!  Only one more week until we go on block leave....lots of fun things planned!  That is all for now...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

This video came on GAC this morning when I was doing laundry...and I gotta admit, I got a little teary!  If you have a few minutes, you should watch it.  Mark often still talks of his high school football days and talks about how he can't wait to have a little boy who plays football.  And I've grown up with my Daddy always talking football and then little Trey wasn't too shabby at the game either.  There is just something about the game of football and everything that goes along with it.  

We love football, but especially college football around our house!  This will be the first FULL football season Mark will be able to enjoy since 2005!  Basically the Army has had some other plan for fall, but not this year!  We are getting ready!  It is a daily discussion around her...."How many more days?"..."Are you getting excited?"..."We need to hang our flag."  I'm hoping this is the year that Texas Tech and Auburn meet at a bowl game!  It could happen...and that day will be fun...of course more fun if the Red Raiders win!!!!  

(Special flag my mom had made for our engagement gift!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

State Glasses

I always love finding things that help tell our story.  I saw these glasses the other day at the mall and I thought they were so unique and fun!  Of course we wanted the Texas one...because that is where we are from...also, we need the Georgia one and the Washington one because that is where we have been.  They were definitely not in the July budget, and they didn't have the GA one in stock, so we passed on them.  But, I didn't forget about them...and someday we will get them.  You can find them here, along with a lot of other really cool stuff!