Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we finally had time to carve our pumpkins that were carefully selected from the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.  

Dixie isn't so sure about her pumpkin...

Mark is hard at work perfecting his AU pumpkin.

Family photo with the pumpkin family.  Strategically taken with our little gorilla pod!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

History in the Making

As a native Arlington, TX girl, I could not be more excited for my Rangers!!!!  Tonight is the first game of the World Series!  My first memory of watching the Rangers was at the old stadium on bat night.  Since then, I have attended countless games.  Until now, going to a Rangers game was for the experience...I didn't really expect them to win.  But now it is all different...IT IS TIME!  I just love the team...they seem like such a genuine group of guys who really care for one another.  I especially love Josh Hamilton...and I think his story is amazing!  Last year when my mom and I made the long trek from WA to TX, I read the Josh Hamilton story aloud as my mom drove.  Well, I read what I could...while I wasn't sobbing!  Talk about heart wrenching....I highly recommend that anyone read this book...even if you aren't a sports fan or a Rangers fan.  So...tonight (after dance)...Mark and I will suit up (in our new Ranger shirts that I had rush shipped)...and plop down in front of the TV to cheer on our team!  I can't wait!  How sweet would it be if we WIN the world series?!  GO RANGERS!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This week...

This week I started my second course for my Master's degree.  The terms are 8 weeks each and these two classes overlap by 4 weeks.  How did I take up to 5 classes at a time during undergrad?  It takes so much to not get behind in just the 2 I am taking.  Some days I am glad that I decided to do this and some days I wonder what I was thinking.  It is hard work and takes a lot of time!  I'm just hoping it will all pay off in the end...Counting down the weeks for Christmas break.

Speaking of Christmas...I am so in the Christmas spirit already.  I would put up the tree already, but I guess we should hold off until possibly mid Thanksgiving.  But since we are leaving here mid-December for Texas, I want to be able to enjoy the tree for as long as possible...And...I'm ready to turn on the Christmas music too!  It must be the cold, wet weather that put me in the mood for Christmas!

Well, that is about all for now...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Birthday Cake

Last cake of the last 2 weeks....DONE!  Now my kitchen is screaming for me to clean it....laundry is stacked at least a mile work to be done...and meeting up with a dear friend to do a little Christmas shopping tonight! 

It's all in the details

Last night was the welcome party for the new Battalion Commander's Wife...and the hosts sure know how to host an awesome party.  There wasn't one detail that was left out...from the the name the lighted pathway leading to the house.  The menu was fall themed and everything was absolutely amazing!  We had crab and corn chowder (perfect for a PNW fall evening), pear and feta cheese salad with citrus dressing, garlic knots and cake.  The cookies were favors for the guests.  The party was a success and the best part was getting to see all my fellow Army Wives!  :)  Can't wait for the next get together!  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaf and Acorn Cookies

My latest cookie creations!  These are for a welcome party for our new BN Commander's wife.  I think cookies are my new favorite thing to make.  I'm finally getting the hang of royal icing.  

Weekend Update

First a picture of my adorable little Dixie-Belle...she is feeling a little under the weather, so she camped out on a towel in the kitchen to be near me all morning.

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for quite some time now.  My friend, Molly, who lives in GA now came to visit!!!  I sure did enjoy having her back in WA, and wish that they still lived here.  Dang Army!  Anyway...She arrived on Friday afternoon and we stopped off for a quick lunch at The Hub in Tacoma.  It was super tasty and we enjoyed getting to catch up in person.  The night was low key...watched the Rangers (I think I made her a fan!)...ate at Farelli's in good ole Dupont and just hung out.  Saturday morning we headed out to the Miessel's for some football fun for the boys and some girl time for us.  Kelly, Madi, Molly and I went to paint our own pottery and get lunch at the cutest little bistro ever!  I can't wait to see what the finished products look like.  Hopefully it won't be too scary.  They should be ready next week and you will all have the pleasure of looking at it.  Saturday evening was spent at The Melting Pot!!!!!  My fave!!!  Sunday morning we lounged around...shopped a bit...ate at the Spaghetti Factory...and watched Iron Man 2 (Mark's choice...actually pretty good movie!).  Monday brought a few chores such as getting my tire fixed since I got a nail in it...errands and work.  Sadly, Tuesday came and Molly had to return to her home.  And even sadder yet....we didn't take ANY pictures!!!!  Horrible!!!!  

Since then it has been somewhat of the perfect storm around here....sick dog...tire issues...broken lots of stuff to get done in the next couple of days.  Anyhow...I am extremely blessed and have nothing to complain about, some days are just a bit overwhelming.  

Friday, October 15, 2010

I think I smell like a cake now.

It seems like the cake baking comes and goes in waves...and this week I have been in the kitchen non-stop and one more cake to go next week.  I forget how much fun it is to bake until I get started.  I only wish I had a slightly larger kitchen so I didn't have powdered sugar hanging from the ceiling and covering my person.  Here are my latest creations...
Franken-Cake for a local elementary school cake walk.  Just for fun!

Wedding cake for a red/black wedding.  I think the bride is adding a topper.  

A few of the MANY cupcakes...also for the wedding.  

Now...I am off to speed clean my house and go pick up my dear friend Molly from the airport!!!!  So excited to see her face!!!!!  Fun weekend ahead...blogging will happen on Tuesday evening to recap the good times!  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

In love with Fall

I've always been a Summer girl, but lately I think I have decided I am now a Fall girl.  Maybe this is due to the fact that we really didn't get a summer this year in WA, but none the less fall is awesome!  This lovely fall weekend did not disappoint.  First of was a 4 day weekend for Mark, which is always fantastic!  Friday, we went to the pumpkin patch!  I'm not sure how I have lived 28 years and never been to a pumpkin patch, but this was my first time ever.  It was super cute!  We bought 3 pumpkins (that at a later date will be carved) and we did the corn maze.  It was tons of fun and a really great fall-ish activity! 

On Friday night, we had an impromptu date night to Outback and then to see the new Katherine Heigl movie, Life as we know it.  I LOVED IT!!!!  Everyone knows that ro-coms (my abbreviation for romantic comedies) are my absolute favorite.  I don't think it was supposed to be sad, but I sure did shed a few tears. Even Mark liked it!  Also, they showed previews for 3 more movies that are must sees for the fall!  Did I mention Fall is my new favorite season?  

Saturday was spent on the couch watching football nearly all day!  We came away with two wins for our household!  Thank goodness!!!  And...if anyone knows a good cardiologist we might need one to make it through this football season.  We are passionate about our teams!  After an Auburn and a Tech win, I did a little sewing.  I will soon be able to cross another to do off my 77 in 777 list...which is finish my T-shirt quilt.  I'll post pics once I figure out how to put the binding on.  

Great weekend so far!  I need to do a little studying...and possibly make some din-din in a bit.  Oh, and...random rant...why is the shopette ALWAYS out of fire wood?  We have stopped by for the past 3 days and nada!  I'm very anxious to build our first fire for the season.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Sugar Cookies

I got the idea for these cookies off of another blog I read, Bake at 350.  I just thought they were too cute!  We are going to a get together today, and I was assigned to bring a dessert.  The lines on the top of the pumpkins are sugar, but I was hoping they were a little more sparkly.  I think I need to get some of the super sparkly crystals for cookie decorating.  

Bunco night!

Last night was Bunco at Heather's House!  It was so much fun...great girl time for sure!  

Bunco princess

My winnings...$12!  Woo Hoo!!!!  I came home $2 richer than when I left.  :)