Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Updates- 12 weeks

I got this idea from a friends blog.  I'm not keeping a paper journal, so I figured I can journal on my blog and eventually I will have my blog printed in a book format.  

How far along:  12 Weeks, 2 Days
Size of baby:  Peach, 3 inches
Maternity clothes:  My belly decided to make itself known quite quickly, so I am wearing maternity pants, but all of my shirts are fine as long as they are long enough.  
Cravings:  fruit, potatoes (any kind), milk, sour candy
Symptoms:  slight nausea during the day, sleepiness 
Movement: Baby P is wiggling all around in there, but I won't be able to feel it for several more weeks.
Gender Prediction: Somedays I think girl, and some days I think for sure boy.  We will see on June 24 if the baby will cooperate!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This past weekend we took a road trip up to the Skagit Valley to check out the tulips!  It turned out to be a longer drive than we anticipated, but it was such a gorgeous was totally worth it!
I named these the "fire tulips".  The colors were so vivid and beautiful!

You would think it was warm by the way we are dressed.  It was a piping hot 61 degrees and we were sweating!  Not sure what we are going to do when we see a real summer in DC?!

Nature called after our long drive!  This is an actual outhouse!  As in...a hole in the ground!  It was quite possibly the nastiest thing I have ever experienced and I figured you would want to see it too! :)  How could they put something so nasty right next to gorgeous fields of tulips?

One of my favorite pictures!  I love the delicate pink tulips!

Sha Sha!  I will miss this girl so much!!!!!  Luckily we are both TX girls and I plan to meet up with her at every opportunity!

More beauty...

These purple tulips were so rich and gorgeous!  They looked like they were made of silk.  

This is something I have wanted to see for 3 years!  I'm so glad that we finally found a weekend to make it work.  I'm not sure when in my life I will ever see fields of tulips as far as the eye can see!  

See ya laters!

Last week I attended my final coffee for 1-23 IN.  I have met some wonderful ladies that I truly call friends.  I look up to them for wisdom and advice...I laugh with them...and I've even shed a few tears with them.  I will miss them dearly, but luckily it is a small Army and hopefully I will see them sooner rather than later!  As my going away gift, I received this beautiful picture of Mt. Rainier.  It will hang on my wall wherever we go and I will always think about these beautiful ladies!  The best part of this picture is what is on the back...

I just love it!  All of the ladies wrote sweet notes!  Every time we move and I take it off the wall I can reread what they wrote and remember the great times we had! isn't good-bye, it is see ya later!  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bun in my Oven!!!!!

We could not be more excited to be expecting little Baby P in early November!!!!  This has been the hardest secret I have ever kept!  We are so thankful for this little miracle that the good Lord has given to us and that we are finally getting the chance to become parents (to something other than a furry child). Please keep Baby P in your thoughts and prayers...that he/she will be happy and healthy!  

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Friday, April 22, 2011

Coast to Coast

Well, it looks like our time in the Pacific Northwest is coming to an end.  The past three years have been a roller coaster!  Mark has had tough jobs with really long hours...we have been through a deployment...and some really emotional and challenging times. I will be sad to leave all of my wonderful friends that I have made and my sweet dance girls, but I am really excited for what the future holds!

I feel like we have grown as a couple and we have both personally grown while we have been here.  It has been a challenge being so far from family, but we have learned to thrive and how to enjoy life wherever we may be.

Our next Army adventure is taking us to the East Coast!!!!  We are headed to Washington D.C.!!!!!! We are so excited for our new adventure!

So now comes the time for prepping for a PCS (Permanent Change of Duty Station) much to be done. The big task is to repaint the walls that I painted in our house.  I was really hoping I could just pay the Army and leave them, but they said I must prime the walls with at least two coats!  Then...finding a house, setting up the movers, deep cleaning this house and so much more!

Step 1 of the move begins in just a few weeks.  A drive to Texas!  You know this makes me happy for a multitude of reasons!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Onesie Cookies

I bought a onesie cookie cutter several months ago in hopes that someone would order cookies for a baby shower...and finally they did!  I thought they turned out super cute, and I hope the shower attendees enjoyed them!  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sick Computer :(

For almost 2 weeks now I have been without my computer!  At first I thought that perhaps it wasn't charged or some other simple fix.  Well, after days of charging and still not working I made an appointment at my local Apple Genius Bar.  The Apple Guy was super nice...checked out my computer and delivered the news that my laptop was one of the few computers to have the logic board go out!  Apparantly, this is the part that makes the whole computer work and costs somewhere around $500!!!!!!!  This was also the day that the Government was planning to shutdown and I had no idea if we would be getting a paycheck.  Needless to say, that was not in the budget!  Also, I had failed to back up my computer and I have so many great pictures and all of my music on there.  They offered to back it up for me for $99, which I would have done if I had my external with me.  So my first trip to Apple was a failure...

Then the good news came...we would get paid!  And I could get my computer fixed!  They offered me a different repair option where they would send it off and it would only be $300!  Still a lot, but less than $500.  Well, it must have been my lucky day, because when they rang me came out to $0!  No idea how and neither did they.  They just said the computer wouldn't let them override and it said no charge.  Im supposed to pick up my computer either today or tomorrow and we will see if they have it figured out.  I'm hoping not, but I'm prepared to pay if so. 

So....I apologize for my lack of blogging.  As soon as I get my computer back I have a few blogs to write, but I want to upload pics and they are on that computer. 

Happy Weekend!