Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Thoughts....

-Slussy:  This is when K is sleepy and fussy.  In my 4 weeks of being her mother, I have yet to figure out a good and quick way to soothe her...My attempts have ended in an assortment of ways....I offer paci, her tiny baby mouth launches the paci out of mouth and across room...always landing on the floor.  I put her on my chest to rock....she flings her head around...always landing on my chin or some other hard body part that induces more crying.  Singing...this would make anyone cry.  Walking/bouncing....sometimes works temporarily.  :)

-My new normal includes always smelling like spit up, poop or breast milk and having it somewhere on my clothing at all times.  Neato!

- I fall more in love with this precious girl every time I look at her....even if it is 2 AM!  Party time!

- Be careful when changing a poopy diaper on your leg in the car...most likely you will end up with a large poop stain on the only jeans you can squeeze into.

- Baby bath time is my favorite!

-Life is good!  I'm happy!  That is all!  :)