Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congrats to Mark!

It seems like just yesterday I met LT Husband (May 2006), and now he has been selected below the zone for Major!  I'm so excited for him and so extremely proud!  It could be a little while before he pins on, but it is an exciting time to look forward to!  Congrats to CPT (promotable! :)) Husband!!!!  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas 2011

I'm home from an amazing Mother/Daughter trip to Las Vegas!  We had so much fun eating, shopping and seeing shows!  We stayed in a new hotel in the City Center called the Vdara.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a spa like, relaxing experience.  It is smoke free and casino free, but is connected to the Bellagio, so you aren't far from the action.  We even had a view of the Bellagio fountains from our room on the 40th floor!

We arrived on Wednesday night and had just enough time to eat dinner and walk around just a little bit.  We ate dinner at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants, Spago.  Mom had fettucini and I had a prime rib quesadilla.  It was delish!

Thursday morning began with a hearty breakfast at the buffet in Paris!  I ate way too much, but it was all so tasty.  After breakfast we walked down to the Luxor to visit the Titanic Artifact exhibit.  It was pretty cool and I would recommend checking it out if you are in Vegas.  We got to see lot of items that had been recovered from the wreckage.  At the end of the museum, there is a huge section of the side of the ship that was brought up from the ocean a few years ago.  It will be in Vegas for 10 years and then will move on to another city.

 After lots of walking around on Thursday, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner at Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa, and our first show.  I had another quesadilla and Mom had salmon.  The flavors were a little strange, but overall it was a good experience.
On Thursday night, we saw the Cirque de Soleil show, LOVE!  It was all Beatles songs and was absolutely amazing!  

This picture was taken before our show at the Bellagio in the conservatory!  

Friday morning, Mom had a massage and then we took a cab down to the Venetian for the best breakfast I have ever had!  We ate at a place called Bouchon, which was a French restaurant.  We started off with Biegnets covered with cinnamon and sugar and then Mom had a spinach quiche and I had an American breakfast with 2 eggs, bacon, potatoes and french toast!  Best food ever!!!!!

Big winner!!!!!  Ha ha!  I didn't even bother to cash it in!

We did some shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, picked up our tickets to Garth, and did some more walking on the strip. 

Then came the moment we had been waiting for the whole trip....
BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!  This is a must see!  The venue is only hold 1500 people and you really feel like you get to know Garth Brooks.  He goes through his life talking about what influenced his music.  He sings everything from the Beatles to George Strait.  Then about half way through the show he starts singing all of his hits!  He sounds exactly the same live as he does on his albums.  The entire show is just Garth and a guitar...nothing fancy!  Also, Trisha Yearwood came out and sang 2 songs and her voice is angelic!  I would go back and see this show over and over!!!!!  I can't say enough about how great it was!  This was my #1 dream concert!!!!!!  

Sadly, we had to go home on Saturday.  We finished off our trip with breakfast at Aria and a quick picture in front of our hotel.  

Such a great trip..... :)

What's on my phone?

Every couple of months I download the pictures from my phone.  Here is an update in pics....
A lovely coffee made by a dear friend...with sugar lumps!

This is where I found Dixie one day when I came home from running cute!

Our first adventure in overnight babysitting.  

A walk on a sunny day!

Oh Sara!  I miss you!

Ignore my nastiness, but check out the wrap I made out of my snuggie to carry Dixie around.  

Father and Fur Daughter...:)

Another favorite Dixie napping spot!

Crown Cookies

Another princess had a birthday last week!  Here are the cookie favors I made for her party.  Each one was personalized and the edges had green sparkle sprinkles!  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Organized

Over the years, I have been horrible with keeping my addresses organized.  It seems that every Christmas I am sending out a mass email that says...send me your address!  I'm sure it is rather annoying for my friends who have given me their address at least a dozen times.  Also, when all my Army friends move around it is hard to keep up.  I went out and bought a new address book months ago with intentions of getting everything squared away...however it has been sitting on the counter ever since.

Finally, over the past few days I have slowly been gathering all of my friends and families addresses from random post it notes, emails...and texts.  I compiled them onto an Excel spreadsheet and then I printed out address labels and stuck the addresses into my shiny, new address book.  I didn't have to write one single thing!  And now...when someone moves, I can update their label, print a new one and stick it on top of the old one.  I really hope that when Christmas comes along this year I will be organized and ready to go!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Castles and Frogs

This week I had a cookie order for a little girl's birthday party.  It was a princess theme, but both boys and girls were invited.  The frogs are favors for the boys and the castles for the girls.  These cookies were shipped to Texas!  Hope the little princess has a great birthday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dangerous Dogs!

Yesterday, one of the scariest things happened on our normally uneventful walk around the block.  As you know, Dixie is no more than 10 lbs. soaking wet and is the sweetest dog ever!

We were walking down the street and I noticed a big, white dog (possible pit bull mix, which is NOT ALLOWED on post!), in a front yard.  It was unleashed, but I could see that there were people in the yard as well, so I wasn't too concerned.  What I should have done:  pick up Dixie and turn around!  What I did:  continued down the street!  As we approached, Dixie was visibly frightened, but I just said, "Come on baby, it's OK!" and tried to keep walking.  I assumed that the two trashy women in the yard would have taken noticed of us and called the dog back into their own yard.  WRONG!  2 more big dogs came running from the house.  All 3 dogs jumped on Dixie, pinned her down and began biting her and one had her neck.  I couldn't do anything to help her because when I tried to pull her out of the pack I was choking her with her collar and leash.  I was in a total state of panic and was screaming uncontrollably at these stupid people who stood there doing nothing, while smoking their nasty cigarettes.  Dixie went from crying, to this high pitch scream sound that I have never heard from a dog, and then as the big black dog clamped down on her throat, her eyes rolled back and she stopped screaming.  I momentarily thought my dog was about to killed!  At this point, I was in a complete Mama Rage and was screaming not nice things at these stupid people.  One woman finally put her cigarette down to try and get one of the dogs off of Dixie....her own dog bit her!!!!  I reached under the dogs...scooped up my baby and held her up in the air away from the dogs...then they began jumping on me and trying to get to her.  I ran away to Shalane's...checked over Dixie and tried to calm down.  Thank the Lord...she is OK!  She is still nervous and doesn't want to be out of my sight.  I got their house number and name and informed them (in a not so nice tone) that I was calling the MP's and their dogs needed to be leashed or in a yard.

I have several problems with this situation.  1)  Aggressive breeds on post.  2) No leash! 3) That could have been a child!  And many more!

I'm still a bit shaken up by the situation even as I type this post.  It isn't right that I am now fearful to walk my little dog around my own neighborhood.   I gave my statement to the MP Animal Control unit, gave them the address and they said they were headed to their house.  I am doubtful that anything happened to them, but I am hopeful they got their attention.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I could not be more excited to be taking a mini vacation/girls trip with my sweet Mom in 3 weeks!!!!  It is much needed time away for her for sure, and for me...well, I'm always up for an excuse to go to Vegas and escape the never ending rain... and the hubs will be out in the field.  

Our trip is already shaping up quite nicely!  We are staying at the new hotel called the Vrada.  It is a non-smoking, casino-free hotel, but is connected to the Bellagio.  We have tickets to LOVE and the best part is that we have tickets to see Garth Brooks!!!!!  I'm not really a huge concert person, but Garth is for sure my dream concert.  I have always wanted to see him, but now I think I will appreciate it a lot more than I would have back in the nineties.  

The rest of the trip will be spent shopping...eating...lots of girl talk...memories and laughs!