Monday, November 26, 2012

First Fort!

KG absolutely LOVES when Daddy comes home from work!  She gets to do all kinds of fun things that Mommy never thinks to do during the day.  Some of their usual activities include sliding or spinning around on the floor and trapping each other in the laundry baskets.  Tonight they built a little fort!  It was adorable and KG thought it was great!

Last trip to Mt. Vernon

One of the highlights of living where we do is being a annual pass holder to Mt. Vernon and seeing it during each of the seasons.  My favorite is the Christmas Mt. Vernon, mainly for the Christmas Camel! Last year, we went the day after Thanksgiving and took my family that was here to visit.  Mark and I took KG back this year and she really liked the camel!  Unfortunately, it just wanted to lay on the other side of the pen and eat grass so she didn't get to pet it.  :(  We took a few pics and bought a few souvenirs and then said "Good-bye" to Mt. Vernon!  Maybe one day we can come back to visit.  Until then...we have lots of great memories!  

Sweet girl looks at everything except the camera most days!  

Practicing the "itsy bitsy spider"!  

Flirting with Daddy!!!! Wish there weren't so many people in the background, but it was the busiest I have ever seen it!

One last Family pic on the grounds!  Nevermind it is completely out of least the friendly stranger that took the pic didn't cut our heads off.  :)

Out of Space?!

I was just trying to write a few blogs of what we have been up to and I got a message that I can't upload any pics because I'm out of space....I'm off to go google what this means and what I need to do.  Until pictures!  :(

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not much longer...

The move is really starting to feel real!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!  The movers come tomorrow for a pre-move inspection.  And, the house is coming along very nicely!

Thankful Days 16-20

#16:  I'm thankful for my white, fluffy dog who keeps my feet warm at night!
#17:  I'm thankful for every new day!
#18:  I'm thankful that we have been able to have so many great experiences living here in DC!
#19:  I'm thankful for my sweet husband feeding KG and putting her to bed while I go out to dinner with the girls!
#20:  I'm thankful for good friends that live nearby that make far away places feel more like home!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Days 11-15

#11:  I'm thankful for all of the brave men and women that serve and protect this great country we live in!  Especially my hubby!
#12:  I'm thankful for Starbucks!
#13:  I'm thankful for the internet because it keeps me connected with so many friends and family members spread across the world!
#14:  I'm thankful for a heater in our house on a chilly fall day!
#15:  I'm thankful for my fancy camera and all the memories I've captured with it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1st Zoo Trip

On Monday, Mark was off for Veteran's Day so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to take KG to the zoo for the first time!  I love the zoo and I was dying to go to the National Zoo before we leave DC.  Mimi was in town for a meeting, so she was able to join in on the fun.  There was a lot to see, but KG is only happy for a limited amount of time, so we tried to see the big stuff.  Sadly, we didn't have time for the petting zoo...which I know she would have really liked.  

The elephant exhibit was really awesome!  It was beautiful...and was my favorite from the whole day!

KG must be practicing her itsy bits spider in this picture.  :)

This is a red panda.  It was sleeping up in this tree and it was so adorable!  I think I need one of these.  

This was another really cool exhibit!  I think there are 2 giant pandas in this zoo and this one was having a little bamboo snack.  Doesn't he look so cuddly?  KG could see this one really well and she loved him!

Orangoutangs are the craziest, hairiest creatures ever!  I could seriously watch them all day long!  

I have never seen anything like this...this is called the O line.  The orangoutangs can actually climb out of their cage and cross over this line that goes over the zoo.  We were standing right under the line, but I got scared that the furry guy was going to fall or jump down on us!  

One last pic before we ended our trip at to the zoo!  

Garden Party Cookies

These cookies are hopping over to a little girls 1st birthday garden party with a bunny theme.

21st Birthday Cookies

A very special girl turned 21 yesterday!  I have known Kayse since she was a little girl and I've watched her grow into a beautiful woman!  She is a precious friend and will hopefully one day be my sister!  These were her special birthday cookies!  Can't wait to celebrate with her once we get to TX.  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More progress...

If you look closely, you can see the stone and brick going on the house!  So exciting!!!!!!

Happy Veterans Day!

What a difference a year makes!  Today, and everyday, I'm thankful to live in a free country!  I'm thankful for all of our service members and their families for the sacrifices they make for all of us!  

Veterans Day 2011- 1 Day old

Veterand Day 2012- 1 year and 1 Day old

Saturday, November 10, 2012

KG is ONE!!!!!

 How in the world is my sweet baby girl already 1???  It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital seeing her face for the very first time!  I'm so overcome with emotions right now....sadness that the year is over...joyful for all the moments and memories...excitement for the future!  Mark and I both wrote letters to K, but I haven't decided if I want to share them on here.  For sure it would be a kleenex alert!  I cried writing mine and I cried reading the one Mark wrote.  So for now I'll just give a recap of the day!  :)

It started with a sweet smile and a birthday song! 

KG got to have special birthday pancakes for breakfast and, of course, she loved them!  I didn't give her any syrup...just butter, because I didn't want to overload her with sugar knowing that there was a birthday cake in her future.  :)

We played a lot...napped a little and waited for our friends to arrive for our little VA birthday celebration.  K's big party will be in Texas next month for our family and TX friends, but I couldn't let this day pass by without a celebration.  We waited far too long for this little princess and her 1st birthday was a day to celebrate!  

I decorated our dining room and cooked enough food and treats for at least 20 people...even though only 5 people were coming.  :)  We had cupcakes, cookies, chocolate dipped oreos and marshmallows, fruit dip, "crack" dip, veggies with ranch and sausage balls.  KG had her own special cake...which she LOVED!  She must have gotten my sweet tooth!  Poor girl!  

I'm dying to share everything from the party, but since we are repeating everything in TX I'm going to wait so I don't ruin the fun!  :)

After KG was sufficiently hopped up on sugar, we let her open up her birthday gifts...She was quite the pro!  

Dixie was all "partied" out!

Such a sweet moment...Tiffany reading to sweet B and K!

Nonni sent this kids iPad case...I think she was pretty excited!  

After all the fun was done and our friends went home, we ate a HEALTHY dinner, played for a bit and then KG was asleep by 6:30!  I'm pretty sure we wore her out with birthday fun!  Little does she know that the celebration continues next month!!!!!  Lucky little lady who is loved by so many sweet people!  

Thankful Days 6-10

#6:  I'm thankful for the little coke, Chick-fil-A and mexican food!
#7:  I'm thankful for good health...for myself and my family!
#8:  I'm thankful for my college experience!  I love Texas Tech and I'm a proud Red Raider!  I made lifelong friends and I got a great education!
#9:  I'm thankful that the Army is moving us back to Texas!!!!
#10:  I'm thankful for a wonderful 1st year with our sweet baby girl!  I'm thankful that I am her Mommy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Kenleigh!

This morning we had a little Election Day photo shoot!  I feel so blessed to live in a free country where we have the right to vote!  If you didn't know, there is a 3rd candidate on the ballot today.  She is small, but she is a little firecracker and she can definitely get something done in the USA!  

She looks to the Man upstairs for wisdom!

 She loves animals!

She really loves bunnies!

 She is very interested in foreign affairs!  (She is studying stickers of Germany)

 She is focused!

 She believes in kindness and love for all people!

 She lets her voice be heard!

 She gets emotionally involved in the state of our economy!


Get out there and VOTE!  :)


Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Days 1-5

I've noticed on FaceBook over the past few days people have been posting what they are thankful for.  I decided to jump on the band wagon, but to do it on my blog instead of FaceBook and I'll do 5 days at a time until Thanksgiving.

#1:  I'm thankful for grace!  Grace from my Savior that I'm so undeserving of!
#2:  I'm thankful for my amazing husband!  He puts up with me and all of my quirks!  I love him dearly and can't imagine spending my life with anyone else!
#3:  I'm thankful for my sweet baby girl!  She has blessed me more than words can say.  She was well worth the wait!!!!
#4:  I'm thankful for my family!  Especially my Mom, Dad and little brother!  Best family a girl could ask for!
#5:  I'm thankful for my girl friends!  I feel so lucky to have such special friends in my life.  :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1st Halloween

What is cuter than a sweet girl dressed up in a chubby, pink owl costume????

KG was actually supposed to be a little lady bug, but we got stuck in TX a few extra days, due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast.  I couldn't let her have her first Halloween without getting a few pictures in a cute costume, so I ran up to Babies R Us and picked up this cute thing for $5!  Maybe I'll wait until the day of from here on out.  :)

Check out her long hair!

KG loves to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

She is just getting so big!!!