Friday, February 10, 2012

The Battle of Fredericksburg

Ever since we found out we were moving here Mark has said that he wants to tour all of the battlefields from the Civil War.  Luckily, we have several that are fairly close and we can see in a day.  Today we saw our first one.  I have to admit, I thought it would be pretty boring, but I was wrong.

We started at the visitors center where they showed a 22 minute video that told us all about the battle and helped explain what we were going to see.  Thank goodness for that video or I would have just thought we were on a regular old road with some stones along the side.  It puts a whole new perspective on it when you know that it is the bloodiest land in all of America where nearly 100,000 soldiers died.  Pretty crazy!

Here is the beginning of the walking tour.  Baby K is all bundled up and ready to learn some American History.  Gotta start early in this family!  

This was her favorite activity for the day....licking her hat?!  Must have been cupcake flavored??  Seriously...she looked so adorable, but every time I tried to take a picture she was licking the hat!  

Here I am reinacting what the Confederate soldiers did as the Union soldiers came towards them.  

The stone wall that the Confederates were positioned behind.

More hat licking....

Am old house with bullet holes in the side!

Beautiful plantation home.

The sunken road.

Quite the studly soldier posing.

And yet again...with a big cannon.  

Here is the cemetery where the men were buried.  Most of the tombstones just had a number on them because they were unknown soldiers.  :(

We had a really great day and K was surprisingly happy most of the time in her car seat.  Bring on the next battlefield!  

Happy 3 Months!

3 Months Old

This month has been really fun!  It was a pretty low key month.  We stayed in Virginia and tried to keep warm.  We didn’t have many outings, but we had a blast watching you change and grow every day.  Mimi and Grandad came up from Texas and we took a trip to the Newseum, but other than that we stayed close to home.  Your schedule is becoming more predictable.  You wake one time at night to eat and you go right back to sleep.  You take a short morning nap, a longer afternoon nap and a short early evening nap.  You go to bed between 7 and 8 PM and you go right to sleep.  You smile all the time and you are talking more and more.  You also learned to blow bubbles this month and you drool a lot!  Mommy stays home with you all day while Daddy goes to school.  We alternate activities between your play mat, watching Baby Einstein, and swinging in your swing.  You are starting to use your hands to grab the toys on your play mat and you squeal when we turn on Baby Einstein.  You are such a happy baby and you are so easy going except when we put you in your car seat.  You only cry when your tummy hurts or if you get startled.  You smile when we come into your room and when we leave you follow us with your eyes.  You rolled over from your tummy to your back while you were propped up on your whale pillow.  You really don’t enjoy tummy time, so I think that is why you decided to go ahead and roll over.  You are absolutely adorable and each day gets more and more fun!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

IPhone picture dump

I take pictures on my phone all the time and I finally uploaded them from the past year or so!  Here are some of the good ones...