Sunday, April 29, 2012

Under Construction....again

Ch-ch-changes coming to this blog....and....we have our own unique domain now!

Stay tuned....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Smock Talk!

A few months ago I discovered smocked clothing auctions on Facebook!  These little gems were well on course to wreck a perfectly balanced family budget.  It is quite the rush to bid against thousands of other smockaholics for sometimes one of a kind outfits for really great prices.  You have to be quick on the refresh button and ready to type fast!  It all started with this adorable purple popsicle bubble!  I totally could not live without it!  My mom and I had both of our computers up waiting for it to pop onto the screen!

Next...I knew that KG would need something patriotic for Memorial Day, Mark's Graduation and July 4th.  

I found this little ballet slipper outfit at Market.  It is for next summer, but it is just too cute!  I had never seen a smocked ballet outfit!

We call K our little bug...cuddle bug...etc. so obviously she needed a lady bug dress!  This one if for the fall.  :)

This was a steal of a deal!  It was $15 and has slightly imperfect smocking.  It is actually a shirt and will go over leggings or cute ruffle jeans for Christmas time!  

And lastly, I ordered this custom seersucker smocked outfit that will also work for any patriotic functions! It came with bows over the buttons, but they didn't stay on long.  I need to sew them back on as soon as I get a chance.  

So, I think I am an official smockaholic and admitting it is the first step to recovery....right!?  I've resigned from smocked shopping for the rest of this season, but I've already got my eyes peeled for some cute fall and winter stuff!  I think I've got my mom hooked too!  K has a cute little princess outfit on the way from Nonni!  

Friday, April 27, 2012

5 month photo shoots

I've been trying to practice more with my camera this month, so we have had a few impromptu photo shoots.  I'm convinced I need to attend a photography course to really learn the tricks of the trade, but I'd say this is my favorite hobby right now!  Here are a few pics from the past few weeks...

April Fun

April was an awesome month filled with lots of visitors...

It started with a visit from Mimi and Granddad Pemberton!  We went to a special dinner at Chesley (a fancy mansion in the Shenandoah Valley!)  It was a fun night to get dressed up and listen to a presentation about a really awesome organization for soldiers who need healing for their hearts.  Unfortunately, we all forgot cameras, but we Mark looked super handsome in his blues and Kenleigh was dressed in her best pink outfit!  It was a special time and we were glad Mark's parents were able to come and spend some time with us.

We had more visitors the next week for Easter!  Nonni and Nannie flew up from TX and it was Nannie's first trip to DC.  We had a fun-filled weekend packed full of touring DC, eating cupcakes in Georgetown and spending the day at Mt. Vernon.  It was so special to have them here with us for Kenleigh's first Easter!
The whole crew at the WW2 Memorial

Nannie goes to the White House!  If only they had let her in, I'm sure she would have solved all of the world's problems.  

First family Easter pic!

4 generations!  

The next weekend we didn't get any visitors, but we did go see the Nationals play the Reds.  We took a boat from Old Town and it dropped us off at the game!  Super cool!  

I'm not sure K will be attending any more baseball games in the near future!  

Also this month, K had her first ponytail!!!!

Last weekend, some very dear friends from TX came to see us with their sweet 8 month old little guy!  It was a really great trip and our little ones were quite the troopers!  We toted them all over the place and saw lots of cool things.  Kristen and I did the Tour de Cupcake!  We had a different cupcake shop every day and rated them on icing and density of cupcake.  I can give you the full run down on cupcakes if you come visit me!  We also bought matching outfits for our kids and took photos in the cute!

Well, that is the short version of our month so far!  Tonight we had dinner with some long time friends that are in the Airforce and are moving HERE in June!  I could not be more excited!!!!!  

Cherry Blossoms

At the end of March, the Cherry Blossom trees were blooming in DC!  It is an absolutely gorgeous site and if you have never seen it...I highly recommend it.  

Here is the Jefferson Memorial!

I can't get enough of this Daddy-Daughter love!  This girl loooovves her Daddy!  

It was a fun outing and we will definitely be returning next year if we still live in the area.  :)

I'm back...

Seriously, I stink at blogging these days and it is totally unacceptable.  I'm going to try to do a few posts to get caught up and then go from there.  Clearly, I will just hit the high points because I have been absent for far too long.  And...I think I should probably update the picture in the header since we are now a family of 3!  Updates coming...I'm sure all of my 2 readers out there will be thrilled!  :)