Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Little "BUG"

This week I've been practicing on lighting, white balance and focus.  These pics are pretty much unedited...Just having fun in the jumper.  :)  I ordered this cute little ladybug felt clip from  They have deals every day and I just thought these were super cute!  

House Progress

Still doesn't feel real that we are building a TEXAS!!!!  Can't wait!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Practice...Handsome Subject

So, I convinced Mark that if I was EVER going to be any good at photography I really needed to practice all the time and sometimes dogs and babies just don't cooperate.  :)  I got him to move all around the yard last night after K went to bed and this was the best one with the best light.  I'm learning...what do y'all think?

Halloween Mesh Wreath

My latest addition to my fall decor!  I made this a few weeks ago and I'm loving it!  I still want to add eyeballs and fix the spiders so they aren't so random.  :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just another day at the park!

Today was a great Sunday!  We didn't make it to church due to KG's nap and eating schedule, but we did listen to a sermon together online.  :)  After that, we went to Red, Hot and Blue for lunch...Mark was craving some soul food...then off to Costco...home for KG to nap and then to the park to play!  I can't believe how big she is looking in these pictures!  She is starting to seem less like a baby and more like a toddler. :(  Time is going TOO FAST!  And check out her sparkly TOMS!  So cute!

Friday, September 21, 2012

If life gives you Lemons...


These are lemon ricotta cookies.  Sounds strange...but tastes AMAZING!  I first tasted a cookie like this at a bakery in Arlington, TX and I had been wanting to try to recreate them ever since.  They are light, fluffy and not too sweet, but just right!

1/2 cup salted butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
8 oz. ricotta cheese (I used light)
1 tsp. vanilla
finely grated zest of 1 lemon
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Preheat oven to 350 degress.  Lightly grease cookie sheet.  Cream butter and sugar.  Add the egg, but don't mix too long.  Stir in ricotta, vanilla and lemon zest.  Mix together flour, baking powder and baking soda.  Pour into the wet ingredients and stir to combine.  Spoon cookies on to prepared cookie sheet.  (About 1 TB. size)  Cook for around 15 minutes.  The bottoms were slightly brown, but the tops were light.  This would be great without icing, but the cream cheese icing puts them over the top Yummy!!!!

Icing recipe:
4 oz. cream cheese
zest of 1 lemon
2 cups powdered sugar


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ground Breaking News!

Today they broke ground on our new house!!!!!

9 month appt...a little late!

Since we were in TX when KG turned 9 months, we didn't get to go to her 9 month check up.  We had to reschedule a few times due to conflicts or the Dr. we wanted to see being booked.  We finally had the appt. this afternoon at 10 months and 10 days!  KG is doing great!  She is 18 lbs., 10 oz. and 28 inches tall.  This puts her in the 46th percentile for weight and 37th percentile for height.  That is down in percentiles from where she was at 6 months, but this is typical once they become mobile and this girl is all over the place!  KG is healthy and happy and developing right on track!  Such a blessing not to be taken for granted!

KG got a little antsy waiting for the Dr., so she tried out Mommy's beads!  Quite the fashionista!  :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012


Isaiah 41:13
For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right handand says to you, Do not fear;    I will help you.

I've been thinking lately about what I'm going to do when I grow up...Let's be real...I've done a lot of random stuff, but I want to do something that I love...something that I'm passionate about!  My number 1 job is to be a great Mommy to KG and a great wife!  And those are both the most amazing things in the world!  If I could do anything in my spare time, I would be a photographer....a really great photographer!  But something is holding me back....FEAR!  I'm afraid that I'm not good enough....people won't like me...and mostly that I would be a failure.  I've taught myself a lot, I've read a lot of books and I've spent hours and hours on the internet trying to soak in as much as I possibly can.  I have plans to take classes and I practice everyday!  Maybe someday I will make a go of it...we'll see...for now I'll just keep learning and practicing and being inspired by some wonderful people.  

Recently I've been let go of my fears!

A childhood friend of mine swam the English Channel!  21+ miles in freezing cold water from England to France!  She is amazing and a true inspiration.  We haven't seen each other since high school, but she has always been amazing at everything she has ever done.  Read her story here....You won't be disappointed!

Secondly, my little brother inspires me!  He is almost 10 years younger than me, and I have watched him go through so many ups and downs growing up.  He has a heart of gold and the strength of a warrior!  He has persevered through hard times and I love watching him grow in to an amazing young man.  I'm so excited to see where his new endeavors take him...the sky is the limit for sure!  

So....I don't want to have fear!  I want to be courageous and take chances and step out on a limb to be a better person at everything I do!  

30th in Review

I would have to say my 30th birthday is one of the best I have ever had...probably THE BEST!  I was blessed beyond what I deserve by friends and family and I just feel so loved!  Thank you to everyone who made it special!!!!

Thursday night, my sweet Mom flew in from Texas to help me celebrate and she and Mark had a whole weekend of surprises cooked up!  Friday morning, I woke up to a decorated house, a sweet card handmade by KG (with Daddy's help), a video camera and accessories from my hubs, a card and generous gift from my wonderful Dad, a sweet card, new boots and flats, a sweater, and a gift card from my Mom...and that was only the beginning!  Marks parents had a card delivered that morning as well and I'm getting set up to take a photography class, which I am thrilled about!  Also the morning was filled with phone calls, texts and FB messages!  Y'all really know how to make a girl feel special!!!

After breakfast, Mom and I set out on a mini shopping trip to the PX to get some lipstick(from Nannie) and a few other little things, took KG to the park to swing and then home to get ready for dinner.  Mark had arranged for 2 of our couple friends to meet us at Uncle Julio's for some delicious Mexican food!  My friend, T, made some beautiful decorations and a cute headband for me to wear.  On top of that...she gave me a gorgeous necklace from Anthropologie.  Mark surprised me with yummy cupcakes and then once we got home he surprised me with a Red Velvet ice cream cake!  Good thing there are zero calories on your birthday!!!!  It was such a fun dinner and I'm so glad to have such wonderful friends that took time to come and celebrate!

Saturday morning, Mom and I ventured over to Tyson's corner to spend my birthday $$$ from my Dad and Nannie.  I picked out some new jeggings from my Dad and a cute shirt from Nannie!  I can't wait for the weather to cool off, so I can wear all my new cute digs!  We had the best girls day out while Mark stayed home to watch football!  We stopped by Alexandria cupcake, ate lunch at Brio and shopped until we dropped.  :)  Later that evening we picked up Mark and went to National Harbor for another delicious meal and a gorgeous view!

Sunday went by too quickly and before I knew it we had to take Mom back to the airport!  :(  Not too much longer until we will be in TX and our visits will be so much easier to coordinate!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Birthday weekend!!!!!  I think I'm liking my 30's so far.  :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

30th Birthday Video

My sweet Mom made this amazing video for my birthday!  Full birthday recap to come...but so far being 30 isn't so bad.  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Times with Great Friends

What an amazing week we have had!  Last Saturday our dear Army friends from Fort Lewis came to visit!  They are currently moving to North Carolina and had some time off and chose to come see us and of course all of the sights in DC!  Sadly, they left this morning, but we had so much fun!  

The trip started off eventful with a crazy thunderstorm which blew a giant tree down in our neighborhood on top of 3 power lines!  Since we couldn't cook for them we took them to one of our favorite restaurants in Alexandria called TJ Stones.  We came back to a dark house, so we played Scattegories by candle light, drank wine and laughed a lot!  

Sunday, we spent the morning at Mount Vernon, which is definitely our favorite activity in the area.  It just never gets old.  After some quick sandwiches at the house, we went back in to Old Town to a cool art festival on King Street and then had some delicious dinner at Bertuccis.  

The past 3 days, I have been here hanging out with KG, while our friends did some major sight seeing and Mark was at work.  Last night we went to Georgetown for some famous DC Cupcakes and an amazing burger at Thunder Burger.  

We miss our friends already and can't wait to make a trip to see them at Fort Bragg!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Long 20's...Hello 30's

Since this is my BIG birthday week, I thought I'd reflect back on my life thus far.  I think 30 is going to be awesome!  Of course....since I still look and feel like I'm 20!  :)  So, here is a few birthday and non-birthday memories/factoids from the years....

1.  I was born in New Braunfels, TX 30 years ago!
2.  For my 2nd birthday I got a Sesame Street swing set and an Alaskan Malamute named Lobo.
3.  When I was 3 I got my ears pierced, by my own choice.
4.  We moved to the DFW area when I was 4 and I started Kindergarten at Pantego Christian Academy.
5.  Had my favorite teacher for 1st Grade...Mrs. Jones!  (10 years later my brother had her for 1st grade too!)
6.  We celebrated my 6th birthday at the bowling alley and I wore a really cute neon shirt!
7.  We watched The Little Mermaid at my 7th birthday party/slumber party.
8.  Welcome to the 90's!
9.  My baby brother was born right before my 9th birthday.
10.  My tenth birthday was at Magic Time Machine!
11.  Got the AAA award for 6th grade....Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude.  :)
12.  Started Junior High!
13.  Had my first Co-ed birthday party at Stovall Park!
14.  Went to Disney World in Florida for Dance and got to be a Showstopper!
15.  I went to both LA and New York for dance when I was 15.
16.  My friends and family had a surprise party for me at Trail dust and I got a brand new 1998 Red Ford Mustang.
17.  I wrecked my Mustang on my 17th birthday on my way to pick up cupcakes from my mom.
18.  I started my first year at Texas Tech University!
19.  Moved in to my 1st apartment with Kristen!
20.  Worked as a waitress for the 1st time at Mother's in Lubbock, TX.
21.  My 21st birthday was a blast in Lubbock, TX!  My friends surprised me with a party!
22.  I started working as a flight attendant for SWA.
23.  I met my husband to be when I was 23!
24.  Patiently waiting for M to come home for R&R from Iraq the first time.
25.  I married the love of my life!
26.  Moved to WA state!
27.  Celebrated turning 27 at home in TX with my family and friends while M was deployed to Iraq.
28.  Celebrated my husband coming home from Iraq for the second time!
29.  My sweet baby girl was born!
30!  I can't wait to see what the future holds!  More memories to be made....

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 months old!

Dear KG,
What a joy it is to watch you grow and thrive each and every day!  This month has been just as great as the last 9!  You are loving to stand up!  You can stand at your play table and hold on with one hand.  You love to walk around holding our fingers.  You have mastered standing in your crib and you can pull up on just about anything.  You can crawl on your hands and knees now and rarely do you do the army crawl anymore.  While we were in Texas, Nonni bought you a walker, but you haven’t figured it out yet.  At the beginning of the month you started waking up 2-3 times at night to eat.  Finally, this past week you are sleeping through the night again!  Mommy and Daddy are thankful to be getting some good nights of sleep!  You took your first trip to Lubbock, TX to see Uncle Bubba and Kayse.  We went to see Kayse’s Pi Phi show and you loved the music and dancing.  You had 2 little bottom teeth poke through this month.  You won’t let us see them, but I can feel them.  You love to play with balls and socks.  You will crawl around the house collecting socks and try to hold all of them at the same time.  Mommy took you to the park to swing for the fist time this month and you loved it!  You are a great little eater!  You want to eat whatever we are eating.  Your favorite new food is toast with butter and jelly.  You are started signing “more” and “milk” and you can clap on command.  Your new “game” at naptime is to throw everything out of your crib and cry for someone to give it back to you.  Such a little smartie!  We tried out a class at My Gym this month where you learned songs and got to play and do activities with other children.  We also tried out a Music Together class, but we haven’t decided which one to enroll in.  We might wait a few more months until you will get more out of it.  You also had your first real fever this month.  It got up to around 102.3.  We gave you some Tylenol and a bath and it quickly came down.  I think maybe it had to do with teething.  We had to lower your crib all the way down so that you can’t climb out!  How are you already so big?  You had your first taste of dog food this month when Mommy turned around for 2 seconds and you had 2 big handfuls and some in your mouth.  You finally said "mama" today as you were crawling towards me.  You are still wearing size 9-12 month clothes and some 12 month pajamas.  Size 3 diapers still fit great.  You weigh   18.4 lbs. and you are about 27 inches tall.  We love you so much precious baby girl!  Happy 10 month birthday!

Nurse Thank you Cookies...Boy Edition

Before I had KG, I made some cookies that were similar to these, but in pink, to give to our nurses and Dr.'s.  They loved them!  So, I had been wanting to make these for a girl friend who is about to have a baby for her to take to her nurses and Dr.'s.  I think they turned out adorable!  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall is near

I think I decided that Fall is definitely my favorite season!  Growing up in Texas we never had much of a fall.  Seems like it went from super hot summer to a few nice weeks of fall, and then winterish weather.  I have loved living in VA for fall because the leaves are so gorgeous and we get fall for a good amount of time!  According to the 10 day forecast, fall temperatures should be arriving tomorrow!!! Hopefully today is our last day in 90's for the year.  That would be wonderful!

Bring on football, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, leaves changing, cooler weather, and fall decor!

Today is off to a great is on, fall candles are burning and we are anxiously waiting for our sweet Army friends to arrive from NC!  We have a fun week ahead of visiting, eating, laughing and sight seeing!  Can't wait.....

Happy Early Fall Y'all!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm back....

I have been such a terrible blogger this year.  I've had so many things that I really wanted to blog about, I just haven't taken the time to do it.  I've been in somewhat of a blog funk...I think I'm back for real, however, I'm considering making this a private blog because I'm just not sure I want the whole world being able to read about my family...but I'm torn.  I'm not even sure if anyone reads this or cares anymore, but it is still a place for me to document the happenings in our life!

There is no way I can back track and get caught, I'm just going to go forward from here!  Big, exciting things are coming for our family....including moving to Texas in the near future!!!!  We could not be more excited!  We have plans to enjoy one last fall here in Virginia!  Life is good!  KG is growing so quickly and changing every day.  She is such a happy baby and is really getting around....I'm thinking it will be a matter of weeks and she could be walking!  Time is going by way too quickly.  I want to enjoy every moment with her...because I know I am going to miss her being little!

Here are a few memories from the past month!

Eating spaghetti for the first time!

Visiting Uncle Bubba in Lubbock!

Trying out her new walker.

Crawling around collecting socks.

First time to swing at the park.  So much fun!

Just playing....

My two sweet baby girls sharing a snack.  Love them!