Our Baby Journey

If you are new to our blog, you can start by reading this post..Our Journey...the beginning.

In September of 2010, we revisited the infertility specialist in Tacoma, WA.  At this point, we knew that clomid was not going to work and we were going to have to bring in the big guns.  The Dr. suggested we use gonadatropins to stimulate my ovaries to make good eggs and then try for IUI to get pregnant.  We were nervous, but we were ready and willing to do whatever it was going to take.  We were given all of the information about the bad things that could happen, but we turned it over to God and let him run the show.  Some of the things that could happen with these meds are that they don't work at all or they can work too great and your ovaries go into hyper stimulation, you can have multiples or a few other bad things!

We started our first cycle with one vial of Menopur (an injection into my stomach!), lots of blood draws, ultrasounds and some other meds by mouth.  We watched the ovaries and waited hopefully that something would happen....nothing did!  It was a failed attempt and we had to move on to another try.

It was November before we were able to try again....the Dr. boosted me to 3 vials of Menopur!  He thought for sure that would get something going and IT DID!  My ovaries made 60 eggs!  That wasn't the exact idea.  We were hoping for 1 or 2 good ones.  The Dr. called us into his office (never a good sign) with the door closed.  We had a decision to make and we only had a couple of hours to make it.  IVF or cancel the cycle.   We went to Starbucks to talk it over, pray about and call our families.  We decided to go for it and scheduled egg retrieval surgery for Friday after Thanksgiving.  (It was Tuesday at this point) My mom decided to fly in to be with me for support and to have Thanksgiving dinner with us.  It was just one of those times when you need a hug from Mama!  Unfortunately, on Wednesday my ovaries started filling with fluid and I was diagnosed with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome!  This can be potentially really bad...your ovaries can twist and it also causes you to become very sick and swollen.  The Dr.'s used their best judgement...cancelled the ER and cancelled the cycle.  We were devastated at this point!  I was emotionally exhausted and so was Mark!

We decided that it was time for a break (and the Dr. said we needed to wait until my ovaries calmed down!).  We enjoyed the Holidays and even took a trip to Whistler in January to go skiing.  I was ready to give up at this point....but we had just enough medicine still from the 2 previous failed cycles that we could try one more time but using 2 vials.

At the beginning of February we gave it the last try!  I was cautiously hopefully...As the days went on some eggs started growing and 4 eggs matured!  We were ecstatic....the Dr. scheduled back to back IUI's to cover the window of opportunity as best as he could.  And then we waited.....2 long weeks!

March 2nd was the day we were scheduled for the blood test to see if we were pregnant.  I didn't want to wait for the call from the nurses...I wanted to be prepared.  I had been let down too many times before and I felt I could be stronger if I knew beforehand if it was good news or bad.  I woke up at 4 AM with Mark and took a test....to our surprise....It was POSITIVE!  We were finally having a baby!  I dropped to my knees and cried like a baby!  When we got to the Dr. at 8AM...I told them I already tested and it was positive.  I think they were just about as excited as we were.  (Over the 3 years at the clinic we had gotten close to all of the nurses!)

2 days later I came in to recheck my levels...they were through the roof and they were suspecting multiples!  2 days after that they checked again and the levels were starting to fall.  We got nervous that we were losing the baby, but it turns out there was a vanishing twin that caused the level to be super high and then to start to fall.  Twins would have been fun, but we just wanted 1 healthy baby.

9 months later we received the most amazing blessing and had the best day of our lives....We welcomed our sweet, precious Kenleigh Grace into this world.  Birth Story

If you are going through struggles to have a baby....don't lose hope!  I know it feels like you are on a road all by yourself, but you aren't!  Keep the faith and trust that God has the perfect baby already picked out for you!

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AmyJo said...

Alisha, I didn't know yall had traveled this long road. I can't even imagine. I love to read stories like yours because it always goes to show that God has a perfect plan.